The Bookshop is a new platform for purchasing books away from Amazon that also supports indie bookshops with every purchase. As an affiliate, I earn 10% of every purchase made through my links and lists.

If you sign up to a new account on Vinted with my invite link and list three items for sale, I receive £5 vinted gift voucher. Plus, if you sell for the first time within 30 days of signing up, I will get a £10 Vinted voucher. For me, the vouchers will be beneficial for replacing or buying items of clothing I have been needing, buying presents for friends/family, occasionally people sell items outside of clothing on Vinted which may be helpful too. You can also buy from my page which helps me in a more direct way.

I use Canva to make all of my blog and YouTube graphics and occasionally other things too, such as zine submissions.

I get 500 points with each sign up.

This is my low energy shop, you can pick from options available and RedBubble sorts the rest.


Sign up to Cash App using my code and we will both get £5: QQRXXVZN