Back Garden Improvement and DIY: Plans and Progress

I have tons of ideas I want to create this summer to make my mum’s garden look better and be better for the environment. We live in the countryside, so we are reasonably eco-friendly. We have a food compost heap, several horse manure piles that we spread over the fields and use to fertilise plants, we reuse all kinds of things and DIY a bunch of stuff… But our fenced off bit of garden is a bit of and eyesore because it is mostly for the functional use of keeping our dog from running away. When you live in a half-arsed area you start to feel fed-up and low. So I have a whole hoard of things I want to do this summer for the garden! Here is my list.

25 things that will help the environment

So, this is a list post with some ideas of what we all can try to do to help the environment within out own houses.

DISCLAIMER: I have a lot to say about the recent news that came out about global warming becoming irreversible in the next 12 years and how this is completely on the 100 companies who contribute over 70% of pollution and I will eventually write about this somewhere or somehow. But todays post is just for people who want to improve upon their own personal impact on the environment.

(I’d appreciate it if people didn’t get aggressive in my comments about this, because I am aware and am gathering research to write a useful post regarding the 100 companies, so please just enjoy this for what it is)