We Need To Talk About White Privilege

text reads: TALKING WHITE PRIVILEGE with carrie, drew, charley, ruby, kenna, piper, dan and sunny. Image of artie on the right. images of people listed along the bottom.

As white people, we are so used to being referred to as ‘people’, we are not used to being referred to by our skin colour and being spoken to as a ‘white person’ can throw someone off. We take for granted that we are often the baseline for a lot of products. There are a lot of beautiful masks being made in the midsts of the Corona outbreak, I see lots of my white friends sporting them on their outings to the shops or for a walks, but I have also read many stories of Black people expressing the sheer terror of wearing a mask that isn’t very clearly a medical mask because police associate a Black person covering their face with committing a crime or being in gangs. There have been a few face filters going around that have been exposed, the smile rating one that marks your smile from 0-100, black people can reach the 100 relatively easily, but can’t reach a frowny 0 unless they hide their lips. Even going to the toilet in a public bathroom, the mechanism of how an automatic tap, soap dispenser or hand dryer works is often based on how much red light is reflected back and Black skin doesn’t reflect enough light for the machines to turn on. Our world is not built with Black or Brown people in mind.