Tribute to Naya Rivera

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I wasn't a huge Glee fan, in fact I barely remember much about the show except some parts around the time Santana came out as a lesbian and had her romance with Brittany. I watched plenty of shows and films that were queer coded but nothing overtly queer in representation. I think Santana became my favourite character, because she was always so upfront and blunt.

I Watched Princess Diaries and then Read the Book

If you didn't know, I deeply love the Princess Diaries films, it has always been a favourite of mine. A film I can watch over and over again, it's actually one of my comfort films as mentioned in a previous post. I feel like Mia is one of the best written main characters of YA, we understand her, she's consciously trying to grow and better herself, I love her supporting cast of characters too who are all on the liberal side. To me, it's just quite the masterpiece. As a child, I struggled to read for a long time and didn't really get into reading books myself until I was roughly 13-14. Now I'm 25 and have a degree in writing, I feel like it's time I went back and checked out what I was missing as a child.