Books I Want To Read More Of This Year (2021)

Hey pals!

We all know I’m trying to get through as many books I already own as possible in 2021, but there are a selection of books that I want to read more of this year. This post is all about the kinds of books I want to make some space for on my TBR’s this year. Obviously, we know I love diversity and diverse books/authors of all kinds, so that is a given! BUT I want to specify certain aspects of diversity that I’m really looking to expand when reading. Reading a lot of old books has lead to my reading repertoire being a lot of white, cis, straight, non-disabled writers and stories, and whilst they can be entertaining I feel like I’m seriously lacking in relatable content and interesting takes and spins on old tropes. We already know the writers and books I DON’T want to read, let’s see what I do.

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Fat characters and authors with Fat positive stories:

I bought Dumplin’ recently and read Leah On The Off Beat in 2019, but these are some others on my radar: Get it right, Speak for yourself, Fattily Ever After, I’ll Be the One, Undead Girl Gang, One Last Stop, Happy Fat. I’ve chosen to read more literature about fat people and main characters but especially women, because I’ve seen people recently take their first steps into experiencing fat main characters who don’t hate themselves and finding strength from this representation. I could do with a bit more body love, if I’m being honest, and I think these books will help.

LGBTQ+ Characters and Authors, mainly Bisexuals (or generally multi-gender attracted people) trans and nonbinary people are top priority:

Felix Ever After, Red White and Royal Blue, I Wish You All The Best, A Lake Of Feathers and Moonbeams, The Chosen and the Beautiful, Love is For Losers, Camp, The Gravity of Us, The Witch King, Out Of Salem. I did create a list a while back about all the Sapphic books I was interested in, which is a long list with details of each book’s plot, some will overlap with this list.

Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, authors and main characters:

The Black Kids is a book I bought recently, I’ve had Want by Cindy Pon for a while and Crazy Rich Asians too, other books I want to read are: Running With Lions, I Love You So Mochi, Ace of Spades, Catherine House, How We Fall Apart, Parachutes, Wicked Fox, Patron Saints of Nothing, and one coming in 2022 is If You Could See The Sun about selling secrets to pay for schooling! I’ve seen a lot of people (white people) reading stories about BIPOC suffering, and while yes there are struggles that come with being BIPOC (just like there are struggles with being queer, trans, fat, disabled…) it is not the only experience. I wanted to try to find stories that weren’t soley about someone’s race and suffering because of racism. The Black Kids is about racism. Want is more about the Sci-Fi world, Running with Lions is about being queer and playing football, Ace of Spades and Catherine House are about the academic pressures and mysteries, and some of the other books are about connecting with family and their culture. I wanted to read a mixture of stories and not fall into the default of a white reader only reading stories of BIPOC suffering rather than euphoria. I hope I’ve explained that right…

Disabled/Chronically ill, Neuro-Divergent, Mentally ill characters/authors:

I’ve had the ebook of Human Enough for a while so I will be making time to read that as it has an autistic main character (I spoke about this one in my ‘Books I’m Most Excited To Read’ post) other books I want to purchase and read include: Sick Kids in Love, Disability Visibility, How to be Autistic, The Pretty One. Shona Louise talked about Disability Visibility and The Pretty One on her Top Ten Books of 2020 post.

There are some genres/themes in general that I want to read more of, some have been included in the above categories but I wanted to add this section for a mixture of Dark Academia, Thrillers/Mysteries and Magical stories that either don’t meet the above criteria, or I am unsure if/how it fits. Honestly, these categories often merge together too!

Ninth House, People Like Us, When We Were Magic, Magic of Liars, These Witches Don’t Burn, I Am Out With Lanterns, Sawkill Girls.

Poetry: most of these would fit an above criteria, but I wanted to keep poetry separate.

the princess saves herself in this one & the mermaid’s voice returns in this one by Amanda Lovelace. I read the witches don’t burn in this one in 2019. Moonflower, homie by Danez Smith, I Would Leave Me If I Could by Halsey, salt by nayyirah waheed (I have only seen this available on Amazon for a lot of money, I wanted to read this writer’s work because I read somewhere that she inspired Rupi Kaur but didn’t take off as much?) I did also have Swimming Lessons by Lili Reinhart on my list until recently when I watched a Poetry critic YouTuber and… found that I agreed with the critiques and the poems discussed were… flat. So, sorry Lili but I took the book off my list.

Full list of the above books can be found here, I couldn’t find all of them unfortunately.

I hope you liked this list and might find some new books for you to search out and try. I’ll be keeping my blog, instagram, and youtube channel updated with what I’m reading so keep an eye out! I’m currently working on reading as many pre-owned books as possible and I’m nearly at 10 books read in January alone thanks to my 32 Short Reads post! I’ll be posting a video on that too as well as another manga reading marathon! Let me know if there’s anything in particular you would like to see more of from me!

~ Artie


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My Collective Lockdown Book Haul

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Hey pals,

I took some time off blogging after my scheduled posts ran out because life is a little crazy sometimes and I had nothing I really wanted to write about. I’ve been focusing on my inner needs and trying to control stress and anxiety whilst making some big life adjustments so bare with me.

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On the plus side, I finally updated my blog to officially being! Very official!

During Lockdown I have spent a lot more time reading and real got into ebooks (as you may have seen in previous posts). I never knew how helpful and accessible ebooks were and was always a little bit of a book elitist, preferring physical copies over ebooks. But I’ve actually found holding my phone to read is a lot easier than holding a book because of my hand/wrist pain.

I’ve talked a little about my recent purchases on my IGTV, but I only talked about the Classics I got for free through Kindle/Amazon’s free ebook classics programme. It’s always tempting to go with whatever offers free books, and Kindle does offer free books.

I have also bought: Radio Silence, Solitaire and I Was Born for This by Alice Oseman (99p each), the first two Hunger Games books (£4.19 each), a dreadful Mental Health memoir (99p), Loveboat Taipei which was amazing and highly recommend (99p), the first Princess Diaries (99p), If Only by Melanie Murphy (99p), Transformation (99p).

During the first few weeks of the BLM I’d also tried to diversify my reading more as mostly I was reading white and Queer, I picked up: Lot by Bryan Washington (99p) which was interesting but a little hard to follow, A Taste of Honey (£1.99) both books by Black Authors, How to be Anti-Racist (£2.99), and I picked up Divergent (£2.99) as I’ve clearly been delving back into popular fiction of the early 2010s.

I’ve also been wanting to work on who I purchase from/through. Amazon is a giant and very hard to remove yourself from (especially as a disabled person…) I’ve been looking into other options for buying books as this seems to be my main purchases as of late and would be a good first step. I’ve moved over to and bought a few of their ebooks, though they don’t use the same app as Amazon, it’s not too difficult to set up. Hive supports local indie bookstores (you can either choose one to support through your purchases, or just support generally, you can choose from a list) unfortunately you can’t share your wishlists from there just yet like you can Amazon, but it’s something they are working on. For something very similar with a slightly larger selection of books, check out the BookShop where you can use my affiliate links too!

So through Hive, I’ve bought: Talking as Fast As I can by Lauren Graham the woman who played Loreli Gilmore of the Gilmore Girls (99p), Ugly Shy Girl (99p), Angela Carter’s books of Wayward Girls and Wicked Women (99p), Dark to Light (£1.67), Want by Cindy Pon I bought this because of my friend Kate’s video (99p), Ballad of Life (£1.55). You can see that the prices aren’t too different to Amazon, so books aren’t necessarily cheaper on Kindle. The selection on Hive is smaller as there have been books I’ve searched that haven’t come up and not as many books are available in ebook format which sucks. I feel like the more people who use this site, and other smaller retailers, the more the selection will grow and the useful functions will be developed too.

There have been some local pages popping up doing book swaps too to I’ve also grabbed a free copy of Generation X out of curiosity. (DNF’d)

Edit: I missed a couple of books coz they are in my Books app which I don’t use very often! They are Heart of the Race: Black Women’s Lives in Britain (by Beverley Bryan, Stella Dadzie, Suzanne Scafe) and Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect? Police violence and resistance in the United States (by Alicia Garza)

I’ve also been trying to get through physical books I already own, but I’m on a little break at the moment.

With all that said, if you’re a bookish person and are looking to support some Black owned book businesses, here are a few that I’ve come across and plan to use in future when I’ve worked through some of my books I already have! (These are all UK based)

Check out my birthday book haul and my 5 Non-fiction book recs.

I hope this post may have opened your eyes a little to other options away from a huge corporation (that doesn’t treat its employees well, or pays them enough, and the owner literally has enough money to solve 90% of the worlds problems…) and supporting small businesses. Let me know of any other services like this for other things as I’m trying to convert and stop using Amazon!

Let me know what you’ve been reading!

~ Artie

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Check out this post by BookRiot on books with Pansexual rep for some book purchase ideas.

Also these are some useful tips for getting around buying from Amazon if you aren’t in a mainly English speaking country! from this thread.

  • if you have an Apply device you can use the ‘Books’ app and you can buy via itunes, or use Google Play Books app (but you might have to buy on a desktop then read through the app)
  • also works outside the UK for ebooks! They have a whole area on how to read the ebooks.
  • Scribd is another option.