Books I Predict Will Be Mediocre

teo images of artie, one of them holding a notebook, a line of book covers at the bottom, on a green collage back ground, text reads: list of mediocre books

I've talked about the books I'm excited to read on my TBR, I've talked about the books I find intimidating, so here are the books I don't think I'm gonna care about that much. You might think, "hey why are you still planning on reading them if you don't think you'll be that bothered?" Well, just in case I actually end up really enjoying any of them. I liked some of them once already, so I'm hopeful they will at least be entertaining.

54 Books I Haven’t Read in 10 Years

three images or artie, one holing a stack of books, one crouching, on a green and brown collage backgroud, book covers lining the bottom, text reads: re-read list

This is a very specific blog post list, but it's something I wanted to share and discuss! I did mention these books in my All The Books I Own and Still Haven't Read video. But I didn't go into a lot of detail, because the video had roughly 150 books mentioned. I did recently go through the book series I want to try to complete this year, if that's more your thing. So, I shall go into them more now. YA/Kid Lit | Manga | Non-Fic