9 Men in Dresses We Need To Celebrate

keiynan lonsdale in a dress and ezra miller in a dress

Hey pals,

Every few months on Twitter, I see a new set of photos going viral of men (or nonbinary AMAB people) in dresses or other femme items of clothes. I saw a tweet today talking about the white members of this group always get a tonne of praise bubt when it comes to black men and nonbinary people, there’s nowhere near as much appreciation. I have to agree, whilst doing my Google search for pictures, most of the people breaking gender fashion boundaries were actually black men who I’d never heard of/never seen the photos. A lot of them are also Rappers and R&B artists, adding another layer of boundary pushing.

(Also, I know my features image isn’t men, they’re nonbinary, it was just a pretty image I wanted to use!)

So this post is just a fun appreciation of the men pushing the gender boundaries with a few nonbinary honorary mentions.

Ashton Sanders


Billy Porter

Raviv Ullman


Seth Meyers

Jaden Smith

ASAP Rocky

(picture 2 is a pair of shorts but low-key looks like a skirt)

Young Thug

He has done numerous interviews talking about wearing women’s clothes and explaining that he is not gay. Quite interesting read.


Also is going to or already has set up unisex skirt as part of his merch.

And of course the king himself, Kurt Cobain. This is only one of many occasions he wore a dress, super easy to Google. Our Grunge ’90s King smashing gender roles.

kurt cobain in a floral dress playing guitar and singing

Now our honorary Nonbinary Icons

Sam Smith

Keiynan Lonsdale

Ezra Miller

There are many more I’m sure (this article mentions a few people I haven’t) and I’m sure there are many I haven’t found or have forgotten. Please share any below that you know of! Would love to know more! I just wanted to put this out there for people born AMAB that no matter your sex or gender, you can wear whatever the fuck you want and I support this! (I also have a tonne of stuff up for sale, UK friends, and I am a trans friendly seller, I don’t care what your gender is you can buy from me!)

Men in dresses rock.

~ Artie