25 Shows and Films with LGBT+ Rep on Netflix

Hey pals,

I thought I’d put together a little brief list of shows and films on Netflix that I have watched with LGBT+ rep in, give a brief overview of the kind of representation and my general opinion of the piece. If anyone wants a more indepth review of any of the below, please let me know!

The Good Place: undertones and side comments that make the lead, Eleanor, and Tahani seem more fluid than actually displayed. I think there may have been a moment at the end of the show when both female characters admit to this mutual attraction. Really fun and interesting show. A good mixture of light-hearted comedy and a deeper look into humans as a whole.

How To Get Away With Murder: a murder/crime show based in a Law school. One of the set main cast is a gay man who dates around a bit and then has a set main partner. I love the couple here and I’m a sucker for crime shows.

Edit: the lead, Annalise Keating, is also shown as bi/on the bi spectrum as the series goes on! So a nice bit of rep here. season 5: Gay immigrant woman on trial at risk of being deported ep 2 the other lawyer lady had a girlfriend. HIV positive Asian man.

Valentine’s Day: bit of a spoiler but Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane are together in this (pretty iconic if you ask me) very limited rep. Eric Dane is a huge sports star and has to decide if he’s going to go public. Valentine’s Day is a film where many characters’ paths intertwine and overlap. Light and fluffy.

Friends From College: a set of friends (kind of like a harsher more realistic version of ‘Friends’) One of the set cast is gay and in a long term relationship/gets married. Weird dynamic in the relationship, and both white dudes. Still enjoyed the show even though everyone is an idiot who make dumb choices.

You: creepy thriller-esque show. Spoiler alert, the best friend of the main girl is gay af and kinda shows bad rep of having a closeted gay best friend. She’s just as freaky and possessive as the main guy, and he is a literal stalker. Season 2: Forty Quinn was thought to be gay and apparently was but it was never displayed on screen. Also some minor roles, Love Quinn’s friend Charlie Barnett is a queer Black man (played by the gay actor Gabe Miranda, I think he’s a fantastic actor and wish he had more star time in this show). IF YOU WANT TO SEE LOVE AS A QUEER WOMAN CHECK OUT MY KINDA SPOOKY KINDA GAY POST!!

Sex Education: Obviously main character’s best friend is a black gay guy who likes to do drag! I love this representation and the look into his family dynamic. Spoiler alert, the bully turns out to be gay as well and it’s a bit of a trope-y ‘homophobic bully falls for the out gay kid he picks on’ but I’m kinda a sucker for it. Very typical British humour. There’s an added love interest for Eric in a later season, and some sapphic storylines too. Not exclusively lesbian either! Pansexual, bisexual, gay, even an ace storyline too.

they will be adding a nonbinary character in the next season.

Grace and Frankie: it’s all in the main plot! Grace and Frankie’s husbands are gay and have been having an affair for 20 years and they finally come out and tell the wives. The show is about the wives’ relationship to each other as older women. Incredible actresses (and Lily Tomlin (who plays Frankie) is gay), really great comedy show that exposes a lot we don’t often think about or look at about being older. Highly recommend.

God’s Own Country: The whole plot is about being gay. Main character is a closeted gay guy in Yorkshire and the new farmhand from Romania developing a relationship that starts as a secret and develops into something really soft and sweet. A nice look at how UK countryside see/react to gay people. Recommend but you might cry a bit.

Alex Strangelove: I wrote a whole review on this in an earlier post on my blog so check that out for details! The love interest is amazing and I wish there was more time spent on him and the MC’s relationship developing, there wasn’t quite enough but this is a great fluffy film. Antonio Marziale plays Elliot and is also gay himself and is in other queer media. 

Riverdale: Pretty lackluster in rep. Kevin is our resident gay guy who isn’t quite main character status but is around often enough. Has a couple of romances and does take a good look at why he sneaks off to the forest to get with other gay men and why it’s different for straight couples. I wish they’d given him more of a cute romantic arc. Also lesbian/bi woman rep. Spoiler, resident school bitch Cheryl is a lesbian and has been in and out of conversion therapy and falls in love with the cute mixed-race Tony who is out and proud Bi, but prefers women. They have a better, more developed plot. Also just adding that one of the lead actors came out as Bi this year!

Handsome Devil: All about being gay in Ireland. A film full of lovely accents, set in an all-boys boarding school (another trope I love) and the only two gays in the school are romed together oooooo! Don’t worry though, this is strictly about being friends which is a night breath of fresh air. Also features Andrew Scott as the only gay teacher about (he also plays a v. sweet gay Welsh bloke in Pride, I also recommend that but it’s not of Netflix). Bullying, homophobia, sports, friendship.

4th Man Out: group of dudes in their mid 20’s find out their mate is GAY! GASP! ‘But you don’t act gay?’ and ‘you don’t fancy me right?’ kinda dialogue. Quite funny, nice to see a different P.O.V. instead of the usual stereotypes. He’s very shy and struggles with finally starting to date men and has a bit of a falling out with his bezzie mate coz they got drunk and said some dumb stuff. A good light hearted film.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Finally some trans rep! Bit of a spoiler I suppose as it takes a little while for Theo to come out and start identifying as a man. This actor is very cute and plays the role well, a little bit of transphobia and a nice link to family history of a ‘female’ family member dressing like a man back in the day and having an affinity with this ancestor. A nicely weaved in bit of rep to a show that’s not solely about LGBT+ topics. Edit: I knew I forgot something! Ambrose!!!!! bi spectrum character who visibly dates multiple genders and dabbled in a bit of polyamory. Polyamory and orgies are relatively normalised in this world of witches. Queer poc rep, also I love him. Icon. Also aunt Zelda is queer! I hope we see more in the upcoming final season.

Once Upon a Time: very lackluster with their first attempt. Seems like someone said ‘hey we should put something gay in here’ so they put in a Dorothy and Red Riding Hood storyline. It was nice to have Red as a canon Bi woman and seeing a wlw relationship compared to most shows going straight for mlm. They did it better in their last series with Alice and Robin, more developed and actually relevant and weaved in with the rest of the plot compared to a one off episode where you never see them again. I did enjoy this show for the most part but felt very repetitive and very white which was a shame as it was a show about redoing classic fairy tales.

Intervention: three queer women in the main cast (I know WOW) one is a lesbian, one is bi and one is ‘fluid’. The plot is about everyone’s relationships and the toxicity within them that no one wants to face. Nice look into biphobia and the insecurities of lesbians who date bi women. Adult not YA.

Pretty Little Liars: I have conflicted opinions about the rep in this show. Emily tends to go for very domineering women (Alison and Paige) and though I loved her and Paige together, particularly when they sorted her closeted ass out, she seems to just forgive and forget a lot when it comes to Alison who I think is genuinely an awful person who did crazy horrible things to many people. Alison and Mia are some nice bi women rep, showing completely different characteristics outwardly and in personality and showing the fluidity of a bi person’s sexuality. Over all, hate the rep a lot and Emily ended up with the wrong person IN MY OPINION!!! (it has been confirmed that Haleb, the actors anyway, are both bi which is nice to know)

Jane the Virgin: I really like this show as it’s very different from typical western TV shows as it’s inspired by telenovellas. We have a brief relationship between Jane and (some guy sorry I forgot his name) who is bi and they have a nice conversation about being bi and being in a relationship. Raffael’s sister is a lesbian (who dates her dad’s wife…?) though she’s not in it too much. Then our main gal, spoiler alert, Petra is out as bi!!! and dating JR. Petra’s character development is great and she’s much softer and loveable as an out bi woman because her character seems comfortable in her skin now and not so uppity. The actress of JR is actually queer herself! She has played a few queer women.

The Umbrella Academy: I have many feelings about this show I love Klaus so much and I don’t know how they want us to believe Vanya is straight but whatever! Klaus is my son. and season 2 VANYA FINALLY gets to be the gay she was destined to be. Also a disabled child in the second series. Series two can be quite upsetting as there are some very graphic moments of the civil rights movement in the ’60s so a content warning.

Mamma Mia!: Colin Firth plays the gay dad and I couldn’t have loved it more. That’s it though.

Like Father: they go on a cruise together and one of the couple’s they sit at the dinner table with is a white gay male couple. That’s all.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post: A film/book I’m pissed I didn’t know about sooner. Huge Trigger warnings for this, particularly for trans women there’s a really awful moment nothing is shown but a lot of blood and explicit explanation. A nice selection of queer rep includng POC. Kinda sucks that it’s seen through white eyes (the main character is played by Chloe Moretz) but the other two main characters are Native American (A Two-Spirit character) and mixed-race Black and are very verbal about the differences. They’re at a gay conversion camp basically. A more intense and less funny version of But I’m A Cheerleader. 

Someone Great: one of the main three women is a lesbian (and also black) who is dating a woc. About a third of the plot is about her relationship/commitment issues. The film is generally a very cute gal pal film with a nice mixture of representation.

To The Bone: Her mother is gay. There’s not a lot on this but there is definite homophobia from her father’s new wife trying to blame all her problems on the mother’s sexuality. Trigger warning for people with eating disorders.

Gossip Girl: Not a lot of rep considering how many hundreds of characters there are in this show! Serena’s brother, Eric, is gay and has a few boyfriends, one was bi. There’s an air of Chuck Bass being a little bi, apparently he was more clearly bi in the books but I’ve not read those YET but do headcanon Chuck as bi… I see it. I started reading the books and talked about it on my channel, I will be doing a reading vlog/a video specifically about the books.

Special: the first show I’ve seen that involves a disabled and queer main character! I find his character frustrating but very lifelike. Though he is disabled and gay, he still shows a lot of male privilege and an unhealthy relationship with his mother that comes from ignoring the problem and not communicating. He acts a lot like a teenage boy. Still a good watch, and at 15 minutes an ep you’ll get through it quick.

These are what I have watched SO FAR, and if you guys like this format of short reviews/impressions of shows and films, I’ll carry on doing them!

part two and three are here. 

~ Artie

TBR: Books I’ve Had a WHILE

Hey pals,

I’ve talked a little about my TBR pile on my instagram before, so I thought I would talk in a little more detail here. (plus, I think a few books have snuck onto the top of the pile since I last write about it.)


We will go from top to bottom on this one to make it easier!

  1. Live Better: a book of spiritual guidance. by Sophie Golding. I think I got this free with a magazine (yes, I read those spiritual magazines!) and this one has snuck onto the pile recently because my 2019 has been all about taking care of myself, learning to better myself and my work, but also learning how to let go. I am a pretty low-key spiritual person, I have my beliefs and they’re a little eclectic to most but I have a lot of times where I stray so much from it that I’ve lost a lot of practices that have helped me mentally in the past. I’ve heard that you should go back to basics when you get lost so this little book introduces you to a range of traditions and practices. I’m also excited to read something I’ve never heard of before!
  2. 101 ways to clean out the clutter. by Emily Barnes. I picked up this book with the last of my dollars in the airport on my way back from LA in January. If you have followed me generally for a while, you MAY know that I live amongst hoards of crap that I have been trying to sort my way through. I’ve done quite well recently but got a little busy with things that I had to stop working on it and have since struggled to get back into it and lost my shine. Since it is a pretty handy size (i.e. is probably a quick read) I’d like to actually read it soon to spark my motivation and inspiration for organising my stuff! And sometimes, you just need an ‘expert’ to give you a kick up the arse. (Now read, check out the post here)
  3. From Baghdad, With Love: a marine, the war, and a dog named Lava. by Jay Kopelman. I started reading this last year sometime, but it was a little intense and I wasn’t in the mood to read something like that. Another memoir to add to my pile of memoirs. Jay writes about his time at war and finding this puppy that he eventually takes home. I love to watch and read things about war, especially when it’s based on reality, but it does make it a little hard for me to read sometimes. Too many strong feelings. But I know that the dog makes it through the war back to America with Jay Kopelman, but I feel like there’s a sad ending?? Am I crazy? So, I want to go back to it but I’m not emotionally ready.
  4. Leah on the Offbeat. by Becky Albertalli. I like to try and read queer books by queer people, but sometimes it’s unavoidable especially if you’re looking for rep outside cis white gay men and women. I loved the film Love, Simon and I loved the book Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda, so I hope the book on Leah (a fat bisexual girl) is just as good if not better. I’m also excited about this book showing the relationship between a daughter and her single-parent mother, as this was my upbringing that I don’t often see in fiction full-stop. I’ve read a couple of other books about bisexual characters and one of them (in my opinion) was shit. Sorry. So I have high hopes for this. (Read, mentioned in this post)
  5. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. by Jenny Han. I have to say that the film is one my my favourite YA/teen films to come out recently, I liked it so much that I actually wanted to read the book. (This is rare) I love the Asian rep and I love that there is a single dad bringing up three girls, I’m obviously not ‘glad’ the mother died, but I’m glad there is also rep for that kind of family. I’m not sure that it is in the books? I hope it is, coz I’d like to see more of the family dynamic we don’t get in the film. This plot and character set up also gives me a little bit of Georgia Nicolson vibes but in an American setting, which excites me immensely. (Read, mentioned in this post here)
  6. The Great Gastby. by F. Scott Fitzgerald. As we are nearly back in our own roaring 20’s, I’d like to give this a read. Dumbass me ended up buying the play version by accident but found a used copy of the novel in the Last Bookstore in LA! I thought the interpretation of the novel into film in 2011 (right??) was pretty cool, plus I love Dicaprio and McGuire and will be imagining them as I read. Plus, I’m not really a Classics reader and the most I’ve read is Shakespeare and Frankenstein. My attempts at reading Austin were futile and I can only hope that Gatsby won’t hurt my brain.
  7. The Witch Doesn’t Burn In This One. by Amanda Lovelace. Another book I found in The Last Bookstore in LA, I’d seen the other book written by Lovelace but this one felt more me. As a poetry lover, I’m definitely more for the modern poetry we have been getting the last few years (though I do like some of the flouncy, flowery stuff too). The theme of this one is definitely up my alley and seems to be a poetry equivalent of Becoming Dangerous that I am currently working on at the moment. Anything witchy mixed with rebellion, oof, give it here. (Read, mentioned in this post here)
  8. Biting Anorexia: a first hand account of an internal war. by Lucy Howard-Taylor. Another memoir on mental illness! As someone who has struggled with disordered eating and still struggle now with self perception and trying to maintain healthy eating habits, I like to read memoirs from people who have had a similar struggle. It can be triggering, but I am at the point that it’s manageable. Reading books like this remind me of how far I have come and that I am not alone in the struggle. I recommend these books to everyone unless you are easily triggered. Take care of you first.
  9. The Life Of Lee. by Lee Evans. Is this technically a memoir? Or is it a biography? I’m not too sure. I’d say biography as it’s in hardback and has his face on the front. This was another book I started then put down coz I wasn’t in the mood for it. But I do want to go back and finish it, even the sucky parts of his life he writes about with a light tone. I’ve loved his comedy for years and really admired his skill and I got to see his last tour before he retired (but it think he is un-retired now?) and would love to see where all of his comedy stemmed from.

Right there we go! This was a bit of a monster to write but I feel like you guys deserved something longer and something book related! I hope you guys enjoyed this, please go check out my YouTube channel, I sometimes make booktube videos! (I’m also trying to reach my first subscriber goal of 2019 which is 150 subs!)

I’ll see you next week!

~ Artie

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25 things that will help the environment

Hey pals!

So, this is a list post with some ideas of what we all can try to do to help the environment within out own houses.

DISCLAIMER: I have a lot to say about the recent news that came out about global warming becoming irreversible in the next 12 years and how this is completely on the 100 companies who contribute over 70% of pollution and I will eventually write about this somewhere or somehow. But todays post is just for people who want to improve upon their own personal impact on the environment.

(I’d appreciate it if people didn’t get aggressive in my comments about this, because I am aware and am gathering research to write a useful post regarding the 100 companies, so please just enjoy this for what it is)

Ways to start helping the environment

  • buy less meat, milk, cheese, and butter. Buy more locally sourced seasonal food. Throw less away (eat your left overs another day or meal prep) or start compost.
  • Drive electric cars, walk or cycle.
  • Public transport over driving. Trains, trams, busses, coaches. Try to take these over planes as well if you can.
  • Use video conferencing over traveling long distances for meetings. (becoming more popular now, let’s hope it stays that way)
  • Use a washing line or hanger over a dryer. Maybe even hand-wash some items over using a washing machine, or use a lower heat.
  • Insulate your homes.
  • Solar panelling. It will also save you money in the long run.
  • Reusable water bottles, try to avoid plastics particularly ones you aren’t capable of recycling. (Found out recently there is an app called ‘Refill App’ which shows you where you can refill your water bottle around the UK)
  • The ‘Refill App’ is quite new so there are not many taps everywhere, but if you’re looking for a project, I think it is possible to set up a tap in your local area and put it on the map! Look into it!
  • Reusable canvas bags (again, avoiding purchasing plastic and buying something that is strong enough for all kinds of carrying uses, easier to fix if they do break!)
  • Reusable straws, best to try and buy from a small, and eco-conscious business than amazon. Amazon is literally killing the planet. Straws come in a range of styles, materials, and sizes so shop around.
  • Using cloth instead of paper towels (particularly for kitchens or bathrooms within domestic housing)
  • Reusable coffee cups (most cafes now give you a discount for bringing your own cup so you’ll also save money in the long run)
  • Plant trees. Even just one in a pot in your garden. They take a long time to grow so by the time it is big enough, you can find a more permanent spot for it. Maybe see if there are local schemes that will take the tree. Maybe work with a school.
  • Growing your own produce, anything you can. It’s understandable you may not be able to have a full garden due to housing or work life, so have a google to see what plants you could easily take care of that could add to your cooking. Lots of people have small herb gardens as a start that are easier for small housing situations.
  • If you buy any cans that are linked together, make sure you at least cut up the plastic holder so that it doesn’t entrap and kill sea animals or birds.
  • Reuse scrap paper for writing notes, i.e. shopping lists, before you then recycle the paper. You can also put scrap paper in compost heaps if you have one. (Recycling in the UK is very hit or miss and they may not accept all kinds of paper but you can put any of them in the compost)
  • Turn as many letters into email subscriptions (bank statements and bills are the main ones)
  • Unplug electronics when you’re not using or charging them
  • Where you can, if you have extra food, create new meals for yourself (and anyone in your household) or if it’s possible, give your leftovers to someone not as well off as you. There is a lot of food waste in the world that could be feeding poor and starving families, or people on the street. If you know anyone struggling and you have some food spare, give it to them or search for your local food bank. I recommend looking into Sean Roy Parker who is part of the Brixton Pound Cafe, the only pay-what-you-can cafe using surplus food!
  • Self check-out and supermarket check-outs now give you the option of printing your receipt, maybe choose to not, or some clothing shops only do email receipts now.
  • Reusable food storage. Good quality Tupperware, jars are good for holding all kinds of food items, thermos for hot food or drink on the go. Splashing out for some quality items can lead to savings overall, invest in something you will continue to use and enjoy. Lots of people have been buying bamboo knives/forks/spoons for their lunches but… you already have cutlery at home, just use that?
  • Going to a library and signing up. It’s better if you prefer reading from a physical book because any books you read can then be read by others, it’s also much cheaper. Sometimes libraries have to get rid of some of their stock so you might even be able to pick up some books for keeps for free or cheap. Some libraries have tonnes of online resources that can be really helpful for work or learning something new, and tend to have magazine subscriptions. Save tonnes of money and trees!
  • Replace paper napkins with cloth ones (Christmas etc.)
  • take empty printer ink cartridges and dud batteries to local specialised bins. (these are at super markets most of the time but also some charities accept ink cartridges for raising funds too)

I hope my list has helped someone think of something new to try. These aren’t for everyone and you don’t HAVE to do any or all of these. My aim was just to inspire and open up possibilities for people who want to be more proactive.

Leave any of your tips in the comments below, I’d love to read them!!

~ Artie