How To Be A Thrifty Gamer in 2020

Hey pals,

I’m not a huge gamer, I enjoy playing old games from when I was younger and also always been a Sims person. But the gaming industry can be a pretty wasteful space. Things are slowly getting better as we mostly pay for a digital copy or pay to stream games now vs. always buying the latest game on disc (or game cards? whatever we used back in the day). But how do you continue to be a gamer and enjoy video games without the environmental impact and also trying to save some coin?

I’ve never been someone who stays up-to-date on the latest game trends, I don’t have the newest consoles and I don’t have a gaming computer (though I am looking into buying a gaming laptop…) and I still have a lot of my old games and consoles. But they can break and what do you do when you’ve completed them all? One of my favourite things to do is going into second hand electronics/game shops like GameStop (which might be deceased by now) or CEX. Their prices for older games are pretty decent and they take almost anything. You can sell to places like MusicMagpie but I don’t recommend it unless you’re desperate because their service is awful. Anytime I’ve booked for a collection they never arrive the day scheduled and then claim I wasn’t in and my most recent interaction where I was able to drop a box off at a shop for delivery, they claimed 6 or more of my items just weren’t in the box when they definitely were, definitely better off with CEX and going into store it’s much easier and the prices are about the same.

They buy and sell all kinds of electronics, not just video game based products. I sold an old camera I used for filming my videos, because my new phone has better sound and video quality so it became redundant. Also, a very old camera lens from my A level Photography days (8 years ago…) which gave me a nice little sum of money. I also sold a pile of old DVDs and games I no longer wanted, I’m trying to part with as many DVDs as possible really as I stream most of my content off Netflix and my family have Sky but it IMG_2651can be hard to let go. Some of the items were only worth a penny, but it’s something added to the price off what I’d gone there for. You can also check if they are taking the items you’re selling by looking them up on their website and they give you what they sell it for, what they pay cash and what they pay store credit which tends to be higher than cash coz they want you to keep coming back. It’s a good system. Almost like a game library. Buy a game, return it for some money when you’re done, get a new game. This is why I like it really.

There can be an issue with old broken electronics or random chords you don’t know what they went to, Curry’s actually recycle these items which is great as I hate the idea of electronics just being thrown out and adding to the rubbish collecting in landfill and would rather be a little kinder to the planet.

I’ve been returning to old games recently to try and complete them so I can finally find out how they ended! And then be rid of the clutter! But my Nintendo DS from when I was a kid got trashed somehow, like unfixable trashed, so I’ve known for a while I’d need to purchase a new one (or rather an old new one…) I know they sell them on their website but I would rather skip the postage and buy one in store so I checked as I was selling my unhaul of items and they did indeed. It was the newer version of what I used to have as a child and smaller, but they said it was better quality and only cost about £5 more than the older one. It has been pretty fun to get back into. I’ve been needing a space where my brain switches off from real world and can be focused elsewhere, and a lot of the game I play have mini-games that are good brain exercise, and I think I’ll be going back to Animal Crossing and Nintendogs for a more relaxing version of this too. Time to chill out.

(I wish I was making money from this post but I’m not, I just think this is a good alternative to buying new and giving things to charity as you know these items go up for sale at reasonable prices whereas a lot of things donated to charity end up being thrown away…)

It’s also a great way to actually make some extra money off of old items going to no use! My camera lens fetched me £45 more than I needed! I’m pretty sure I have other stuff sitting around I have no use for, but there’s a lot of mental preparation that goes into letting things go. The lens I sold was to a camera I still have and also haven’t used for god knows how long so I think this may be the next to go, along with a few PSP games I completed or have no interest in playing, and DVDs obviously.

But, overall, my experience there was great. I didn’t lose any money I actually made some and I recommend doing this if you need some extra money or are a gamer. It’s a pretty good deal, all in all.

~ Artie

I may sell some games on my depop for UK delivery so check it out.

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Recent Thrifted Clothes Haul!

Hey pals,


At one of my family’s favourite second hand warehouses, they have a £3 per bag of clothes sale (and the bags are pretty large) and I went to my first a little while ago. I did buy more than I’m showing but some were presents for someone else, not clothes, or did not fit but are up for sale on my depop so check that out! (buying from my depop helps me out a lot!) The tables were piled up so high and they kept dumping trolleys full on top! There’s another coming soon so I plan on going there again coz I found some great things!

First, I found this funky 80’s looking reversible jumper (which is a wee bit small on my arms but my arms are freakishly long and it was too cool to leave it!) it felt very Stranger Things one side and Beetle Juice the other!

I found a few oversized plaid (ish) shirts in a range of colours and brands! The green one is actually Ralph Lauren! The middle picture felt very Bowling For Soup, Ska–style so I had to grab it, living my pop-punk dad dreams.

This was my first attempt at wearing this shirt, with a t-shirt I thrifted from another warehouse for £1.

One thing i’ve been looking for, for a while, are some grungey mens rugby shirts and I found a couple I loved! I wasn’t too sure on the first one as it was a size small, but didn’t look too bad. Definitely one to save for a skinny day. But I absolutely adore the middle one (I think in a XL) I’m dead for the green and burgundy. The third picture is my favorite way to wear it with some corduroy 3/4-length trousers I’d picked up in a charity shop. I plan on replacing the elastic in the waist as it’s a bit stretched out, but otherwise I love them! (It was also the outfit I wore in a music video!)

This was not something I thrifted during this trip, but this is how I like to wear my clothes at the moment. These are my favourite trousers right now (besides the corduroy) real Levi’s from the racks in Brighton for only £10! and the £1 t-shirt I bought at Shabitat when they had the £1 clothing sale on!


If anyone really likes these blog posts, I’ll happily make more including pictures of me styling some of the items as I think this is fun. I don’t see a lot of LGBT+ style bloggers or YouTubers out there and kinda fumble my way around. i love clothes, and i love style, and I LOVE thrifting! So, I’d love to share these experiences etc. with you all!


~ Artie

Check out my IGTV Video of my recent thrifting experiences and some other clothes I’d picked up that aren’t shown here!

I’m also thinking about showing my thrifted wardrobe in a YouTube video sometime so if you’d like to see that let me know!

I Un-hauled and Decluttered some Books

Hey pals,


We’ve had a bit of a DVD clear out recently and I decided I’d have a quick look through my unread bookshelf too. Lo and behold, I found a few books I no longer wanted!  So, of course, I have to chat about it!


1) The Vitamin Bible – Earl Mindell. I bought this with good intentions to learn some more about vitamins because, honestly, I don’t know a lot considering I semi-rely on img_5583.jpgthem. I have never reached for it and actually forgot I had it. So, GOODBYE!

You can check out further unhauls on my IGTV


2) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy – Larsson. I definitely forgot I had these, they were in the back row of unread books. I’m not sure why I bought them, I tried watching the films and wasn’t a fan… also some of the triggering content I’ve heard about isn’t really my deal, so I decided it was time for them to go.


3) Atonement – Ian McEwan. As a writing student, I felt like I was supposed to like and read classics but I honestly really don’t. The only classic I’ve ever read all the way through is Frankenstein. I don’t even know what Atonement is about actually. Probably means I don’t care!


4) Billy and Me – Giovanna Fletcher. I’m not sure why I bought this? Not a very ‘me’ book… Probably an impulse buy. I’m not really into traditional ‘Chick Lit’ type genre books and I don’t think I’ll ever reach for it.


5) The Great Gatsby play version. Decided I didn’t need the play version when I have the novel now and getting a little bit of money for it on music magpie helped me let go!


Check out this clothing purge!!

6) Reflexology – Nicola Hall. Again, bought with good intentions to learn a little img_5580.jpgsomething about bodies and fun ways to make myself feel better without medication but I didn’t even open the book and I’ve had it quite a while!

 Here is a huge book unhaul video

7) The Scorch Trials – James Dashner. I have the whole series but this was the only one music magpie offered money for so the earlier books have narrowly escaped death this time around! They get to live on my shelf another day, but this one has to go… for now.


I still have plenty of unread books on my shelf and several I am part way through reading I need to finish off! So, hopefully I’ll get a bit of a reading buzz again and devour a few of them! It won’t stop me from picking up more…


~ Artie


See my wishlist here.

Go watch my clothes Unhauling video here!

Stupid Things Buyers Have Asked Me

Hey pals,

I sell a lot of items online, across different platforms, so I’ve had these questions below multiple times about different items across the platforms… and I wanted to talk about why these questions are stupid and how to ask a similar question and actually get an answer that would help you as a buyer and the seller.

(note: this is an abrasive and rant-like post because hearing these questions so often is extremely frustrating especially considering I am selling my items relatively cheaply to try and shift items and make at least a little bit of money)

‘Have you tried it on to know how it fits compared to a women’s dress size?’ (about a mens blazer)

Men’s sizing is in inches, it’s not a stupid made up number like women’s, so knowing the size (which was on the post) she could measure herself and decide if she thought it was too big. I said something along these lines but a bit more polite. Her response was: ‘oh it would definitely fit i am only a size 8 which is a 36” chest i just wondered how big/oversized it fits, how it hangs, if the shoulders might look silly etc’

My response was: i dont know, I wear a mens 42 and i’m a 14/16. Each jacket has a different style/cut and each body is different, I wouldn’t be able to advise on your body and how this jacket would look sorry

I have never been a true size 8, I have no idea what that life is like. My waist is about the size of her chest, for reference. I’m tall, broad, big boobed and have unusually long arms. I know from experience with my body that things don’t look the same on everyone. My mum for example is the same ish weight as me, 2-3 inches shorter than me and carries her weight on her bum whereas mine is on my waist. We might be similar clothing sizes, but we look totally different. Also I’m selling this blazer for £10 including UK postage, so either buy it to see if it’ll fit coz its way cheaper than any other blazer you’ll find, or fuck off?

People offering lower than the price im selling an item at, getting my response of sure I can post on this day shall I change the price on the listing, and then they say: ‘cant buy until…’ (insert a day of the week somewhere between 4 and 10 days away)

I often reply with: okay well message me again on the day if it’s still available. 

This one replied: ‘okay not 100% sure yet tho’

Why are you messaging me if you don’t even know if you want it? What a waste of everyone’s time here. 

‘Do you have a pic of this on?’

I sell lots of items of all sizes either because family or friends have given them to me to sell or because I’ve changed size so much over the years. Most of the time I’ll try to add a picture of it on if it still fits just to avoid this question, but if I haven’t I also will not go out of my way to take one because it’s a dumb question. 

This particular instance I said: no it’s not my size. What are you looking for from a photo of it on? I might be able to give more information.

Coz yanno i still wanna sell these items so if I can measure the length of something for you, sure I will, but I’m not putting it on coz we probably don’t look anything alike!

Her reply: it was just really the length of it

So i said: i can measure it for you tomorrow if you like (it was nearly midnight and i wasn’t gonna get up to do it now)

She replied the next morning: thanks

I couldn’t reply til the evening: sorry for delay i was a bit busy today, it’s 31 inches long

Didn’t even get a reply of thanks but no thanks, which is super fucking rude. 

‘Hello your shirt caught my attention and i would like to see it before buying if you happen to live in (enter city here) by any chance?’

For starters the location is on my posts (which is not exactly where I live but that’s the town on my address, and needless to say it is not in the city this person was asking about)

I said: no I don’t live in ______. About half an hour drive outside. It’s as it looks in the photo. It’s been worn a couple of times, practically as new. 

No reply. 

The question was stupid because you can see my location and it’s just wasting time asking something like that, and getting my hopes up for a sale to just not even bother responding. Also £5 for the t-shirt, do you need to come see it first?

There are many many more situations like this and worse. I face many rude people regularly and many silly questions like the ones above which mostly never end in a sale, which makes it even more frustrating because I am not even getting paid for my time answering. Occasionally I get really lovely buyers or really quick and easy transactions that do make this worth it (I once sold something to someone at 2/3 of the price because they were so nice and respectful to me, remember politeness always pays) and I do appreciate those buyers so much!

Leave a comment with your worst or best experiences selling (or buying) second-hand so I don’t feel so alone! I’ve told a lot of these to a friend of mine who literally cannot relate at all and has never had an issue…

Check out my depop where I sell most of my things now!! I am unable to work as I am chronically ill and disabled and making sales really does help me afford travel, petrol, private health care, etc.

~ Artie