Taxidermy: Tips For Newbie UK Buyers

taxidermy teeth and bones

Hey pals!

This lovely girl, Cecile, gave me so much information about local and UK taxidermy before she goes to France to become part of the scene there because I’m kind of interested in it and possibly buying some pieces (mainly bones for me) and want to buy from decent places and I know there are likely tonnes of blogs full of this content, but my blog tends to be what I’m interested in as and when I am interested in it! So, this week it’s taxidermy! Hope you enjoy!


For those local to Brighton, there’s a great place next to the post office on North Road called DIGS and this is where Cecile was learning how to do taxidermy. Run by a woman called Victoria and her products are very high quality so high price.

Around the corner in the North Laines, there is a Bazaar where Cecile got most of her stuff. The Snoopers Attic can be good, she said, but the flea market can be more hit or miss in Kemptown. Sometimes they price items like new ones but the ears are worn out or teeth broken, so keep an eye at any market.

Online UK shops can be quite easily found via instagram and tend to sell through Etsy.

The Maiden Mother & Crone Interiors is the most known in the UK and have some very interesting pieces turning taxidermy in to art pieces. This is her personal account with pieces on too.

Screenshot 2020-01-06 at 12.12.17

Made From The Dead taxidermy by Tonja Grung is another popular one. Her instagram says wet specamines but I saw a lot of lizards, birds and butterflies.

Screenshot 2020-01-06 at 12.26.13

You can browse these two shops’ followings for more creators and stores, the taxidermy world is quite small apparently. You can follow hashtags like #taxidermy #oddities #vultureculture and #diaphonisation (which is a new and very interesting technique) and it you’re into formol and jars there is #wetspecimen


If you end up shopping abroad, you’ll end up paying a fortune on shipping, permits and notifications of transport. There are different rules in different countries about what Taxidermy is allowed.


For more Skulls and Bones type content:

Headsnbones has a lot of great stuff.

Screenshot 2020-01-06 at 12.31.01

Osteal Jewellery have a lot of bone taxidermy but also jewellery which is pretty cool.

Screenshot 2020-01-06 at 12.35.50

And finally, the Mandible Menagerie.

Screenshot 2020-01-06 at 12.38.00.png

There’s also a Facebook group called ‘Skull Collecting’ that people can join for more of a community learning and making friends.


Cecile gave me all this information, so now I know where to go locally and within the UK generally too for everything I need and want! She is now moving (if not already moved) to France and is determined to be a taxidermy ambassador as there is only 70 people licensed to do taxidermy all over the country and she hopes to help get the numbers up.

Go give her a follow on instagram!

The most important thing for me was ethical businesses and she says most of the people listed use ethically sourced materials (because they have to, to run a business) and for more exotic specimens you have to have the certificate of origin!


This might seem a bit odd that I, a vegetarian, is interested in taxidermy, but I like the idea that the bodies of animals become a new form of art and have a new lease of life being decoration or jewellery after their life has departed. Taxidermy is not meant to be from hunted animals, and I am entirely against hunting.


I hope this was fun and a bit different for all!


~ Artie

A Christmas Gift Guide

Hey pals,

I never thought I would do a gift guide honestly, but I’ve stumbled upon some cool small businesses and artists online, and some of them are also my friends! What better way to celebrate Christmas than sharing the love of art and creations for others to buy! So here is my Christmas Gift Guide.

Cassie Maes’ Bijoux a la Main Jewellery

Cute and quirky jewellery. She also produces custom orders.


Lena of Art by Lena

She provides a website/social media header design service, all beautifully hand painted and custom to you. Cute wooden Christmas-ish ornaments, stickers, prints, bookmarks, postcards, all kinds of hand painted wonderful-ness! Lena is always expanding the kinds of things she creates, so I recommend having a browse! Many cute stationary pieces.

Check out her other links here. The main shop can be found here.

Dylan /

A real mixture of creative works from photography to drawing to sculptures. He makes cool illustrated sticker versions of sculptures he has made and draws cool faceless people. To buy, send him a message on his art insta. Dylan also has a Redbubble!

Abbi Guse of Abbigail Guse Art

Art prints of ethereal women and landscapes. Also cute stickers and clothes! (I’m particularly partial to those) Also check out her Redbubble.

Alex of Baby Limbs Art (Now on Etsy)

Funky wallpaper, line character work, gremlins, cute animals and more!  You can order directly through her on her instagram/etsy for postcards and prints. Occasionally, they will make bizarre jewellery bits like funky earrings, so if you’re looking for unique, one of a kind pieces, Alex is the one for you! I have personally bought a print in the past and can say they’re great quality and everything is super reasonably priced!

Fox Fisher

Another nonbinary seller on my list. Screen printing and teaching short courses, limited edition prints, LGBT+ art works and stickers.

Check out their store here.

Shadeaux by Annie 

Owned by a LGBT+ woman of colour, Shadeaux creates fetish inspired jewellery for the kink community. Annie’s shop started as a line of acrylic accessories, an easy way to add some kink to everyday looks or streetwear. Shadeaux will be adding a line of ball gags an paddles by the end of September 2020. Check out and follow their instagram here.

Lorna Henson

Handmade elasticated harnesses, custom orders, size inclusive. Either wear as sexy addition to lingerie or a cool accessory addition to an outfit.

Devovere Lingerie and Jewellery 

Similar pieces to above that are custom made but also some jewellery pieces. A disabled queer person, I’m always here to support! They are a UK based store too. Everything can be found at


RT Designs by Ruth

Black woman owned business, I found her through #BlackPoundDay on Twitter and fell in love with her beautiful gold flake bookmarks I mean what that hell?? She makes coasters and jewellery with similar designs and I am definitely planning on picking up a bookmark. UK based. Check out her Instagram.


Tiffany: 30 year old emo from Essex (& very proud). Bi & chronically ill & disabled – Crohn’s & a stoma. I love records and prints and being unapologetically me.

Shimmer and Sew was born – like a lot – out of lockdown, after being made redundant due to covid, and getting a sewing machine for personal use, I decided to try my hand at sewing properly! I don’t normally stick with hobbies because if I’m not good, I give up, so this is a big thing for me! I have a Christmas scrunchie drop (or two) planned, and take on custom orders (I’m currently working on a duvet set for a friends rabbit).
Orders are mostly taken via DM on any social media and can be PayPal or bank transfer. I have an Etsy shop now open for pre-made items, for custom orders send a message 🧡

Positively Peculiar  Quirky handmade jewellery and badges, second hand clothes with a 90’s vibe. The badges often have a good political statement which is always a plus for me!

CultureSmart’s Travel Guides! Kuperard Publishers very kindly gifted me a copy of their ‘essential guide to customs & culture’ Japan edition! This is a whole new level of travel guide that really talks about the culture of the place you’re interested in travelling to with some helpful do’s and don’ts when it comes to conversation. This would be a great present for anyone looking to travel in the New Year and they have a HUGE list of locations they have covered!

If you know anyone who loves books, I recommend searching and buying from Hive as they support indie bookshops and you can decide which ones your money supports.

Snuggly Duckling Crafts is a one-woman melt and pour soap making business, based in Singapore! All of Marsy’s soaps are cruelty free, paraben free and handcrafted by herself – making sure no one soap is the exactly the same as another. She ships locally to Singapore and also to the UK, but is open to worldwide shipping. She has an etsy store (that’s currently on holidays because of bank issues) or you can place an order via DM with her at @snugglyducklingcrafts on instagram!

taxidermy animal skulls and antlers

If you are interested in taxidermy, I recommend reading my blog post on it! Lots of good places to buy recommended on there.


And of course, ME! Can’t make a gift guide without shameless self promotion!

As you know, I sell second hand items on my depop or my vinted, you can for sure find some presents on there (and it’s not always just clothes) all my postage wrapping is reused!

I also make all kinds of art stuff! I particularly like line drawn portraits and making fun wall signs out of scrap pieces of wood, and I sometimes make cute cards! I’m open to commissions 🙂 hit me up on my art insta. I do have a RedBubble of my own with some of my drawings or photography on. Link here.

And I do tarot card readings through email! So if you’re interested, give me an email at: (paid through paypal)

I hope you enjoyed this little gift guide! It’s mostly art stuff but occasionally something else! I hope you found some good ideas here and thank you for supporting my friends and their small businesses!

~ Artie

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