A Welcoming Introduction

Hey Pals,

I haven’t had a blog like this since I was 15-years-old, so I thought I would start with an introductory post!

I’m Artie. I’m 23, queer and non-binary. I’m a Libra, you’ll come to find how much I love talking about star signs. I’ve just graduated from a Creative Writing BA (hons) degree with a 2:1. I call myself a writer. I perform my writing where I can. I dabble in all the creative pools, I can’t just do one things forever, I need to be challenged and I need variation in my life.

I have a disability. I suffer with chronic pain. I’ve been battling mental health problems my entire life, but consciously for 10 years. I have Depression, Anxiety and BPD. I struggle to manage my health and am constantly trying things to help me feel better, even if only momentarily.

I’m a Vegetarian (have been for almost 10 years now) and lactose intolerant which is great. I may post on here about Vegan/Vegetarian and cruelty-free products I come across.

I create content for and about marginalised groups. I’ve never felt much representation in media, and if I have it wasn’t positive. My aim is to be one of the people creating that content to help at least one person feel represented.

I fight my misfortune with humour. I like to think I’m quite funny. (I am)

I am currently unemployed and living with my family (again), I am looking at part time work but don’t think I could manage much due to my health. I want to try and make my creative endeavours my means of earning. I have a Patreon and a PayPal donation link for anyone who wishes to help support me.


I have a long list of projects I’m working on, this is adding to it but hopefully also helping me get back into writing. I’ve been in a bit of a hump about writing recently.


I feel like that’s as detailed I can get without going off on a tangent, that’s reserved for another day.


I hope you all enjoy what is to come on this blog, and please go check out my other social media! I post pretty regularly.


~ Artie

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