How To Write An Audition Script

Hi pals! This is the blog post version of my YouTube video on the same topic (hopefully making this information more accessible for different kinds of learners as well as easier to come back to the check things by having different formats available) I just wanted to go through some things that are really small and simple that help an actor understand your script and character, as well as make it easier for them to learn lines and be more beneficial for the production team. My own training in performing arts and acting, my experience trying to get back into acting and performing in recent years (and the things I have noticed happen quite a lot), as well as my own experience with my Creative Writing BA where we studied script writing etc. have informed this blog and my video. The wording may vary slightly but the gist should remain the same! This is for amateur productions or student led productions, this includes film and stage. I think we all have things we can learn from different roles within our industry which can help inform how we work and make things easier and run more smoothly overall.

10 Resolutions That Aren’t About Weight Loss

green collage background, an image of artie smiling on the left with a couple of collage 'dream' words, a bucket hat with a sad face, some books and a hand writing on a weekly planner, on the right text reads '2023 new year resolutions'

I wanted to throw out a 'oh Happy New Year, I guess!' post, to check in with you all! I've been working on my own way of journaling every year which focus on my many different passions, being creative and giving myself space to exist and feel my feelings (in words or in art) I wanted to give a list of suggestions for people trying to move away from the toxic New Year resolutions (which I already commented on last year) and find something else more fulfilling to focus on this year but also something that has a positive impact on yourself and others.

Why I Do This At Christmas

green collage background, two cards held on the left, three badges next to them, on the right text reads 'xmas cards are mutual aid'

Hi pals I wanted to talk about why I hand write and post christmas cards (and sometimes a little gift) this time of year. It takes a lot of energy to remember, and to physically write cards, and it costs to buy cards and post them around the UK and Europe. Are you or your friends even religious? Not particularly. Didn't you say you hated cards, found them pointless, and a waste of money? Yep... What's the point when you can send a message or an e-card? Well, here's my why.