Learn Something New in 2019

Hey pals,


One of my favourite things to do it to learn. I’ve had a very difficult and confusing relationship with learning. I’m dyslexic (as I talked about in this post) and struggled with the typical school system, but thanks to my genuine love of learning all kinds of things I left school with 15 and a half GCSE’s all grade C and above. I didn’t even really do any revision, coz things I’m being tested on I have to learn through being taught, not being self taught.


I have self taught many skills just for the love of the thing. Drawing and painting was my first passion, morphing into creative writing where I was mostly self taught until college A-Levels. I taught myself editing, and ways to make those videos better through quality and through my performance. Self taught blogging, I guess. And when I was studying German, I taught myself all kinds of phrases no one else was learning in class.


Oh yeah, the point… I plan on learning more this year. I won 3 months of Skillshare at Christmas because of a writing submission I wrote for Kindly. I’ve been looking through all the classes I could watch and even started to take some of them. I collected a whole bunch of classes for learning German because I haven’t used it in 7 years and can barely remember any useful phrases.


If you have a useful skill or specific knowledge, you can also become a teacher on the site! I assume you get some kind of payment for it. Definitely something you should look into.


I have tonnes of classes I’m excited to check out, particularly the photography and cinematography ones, so I can improve my current content and expand my CV even further. You can take as many classes as you like!


If any of this interests any of you guys out there reading this, use my link to try out 2 months free, and with everyone who permanently signs up I get a free month. I’m not promoting this because I’ve been asked (obviously lol) and I’m not promoting to desperately earn some pennies. I’m promoting it because I want to share a platform that makes learning more accessible and doesn’t involve being tested (the worst part for everyone). It could be a way to get into a hobby or finally go do something you want to do.


For example, I love Germany and would love to go back and explore more places but my conversational German is pretty poor, so by brushing up on what I learned years ago I could eventually go and do this!


There are also tonnes of business ventures or aspects of running a business that is discussed in numerous classes so this could be helpful even if you’re already currently running a business. You can refresh your brain or give yourself new ideas.


There’s no pressure for any of you to stick with this site after your 2 months, it’s just something I think is cool and would benefit everyone. And I needed an outlet for my feelings!


See you next time!


~ Artie

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