Food Review: Lacto-Free Cornish Brie

Hey pals,


I’m starting a new review series solely for Vegan and Lacto-Free foods and replacements. I recently have been through a lot of stomach problems, I was already reasonably lactose intolerant but now it is very extreme and causes me a lot of pain and even disrupts my life. I struggle to find anything recommending foods that will replace those naughty things. I don’t want to feel like I am being deprived of foods. So, I am trying to find replacements of things I like and blog about them!




First up: Lacto-Free Cornish Brie

I love camembert and brie, but they are dreadful for my stomach so when I saw this brie slice in the lacto free section, I was interested. I’m not a huge crackers fan so for me this was the ultimate test; does this cheese make me enjoy eating it on crackers? I started with eating the pointy end and found that some part tasted a bit funky and gross but I couldn’t tell if it was just the formula, the skin, or something dodgy going on. The next time I tried it, there was no funky, weird taste (thank god) and it tasted pretty similar to brie, a more mild cheese compared to camembert. I actually used this as a go to for a few days instead of having lunch because I felt nauseous and it was very satisfying. This may not be vegan, but it is definitely a good option if you love a good soft cheese like me!


~ Artie

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