Why Box-Filers Are Useful

Hey pals,

As I’m sure a lot of you know, I’ve been going through a lot of long lost boxes of items and either falling back in love with them or chucking them out. I have a LOT of paperwork that I think is super important to hold onto and I couldn’t figure out how I was going to move it from an annoying pile of what-the-fuck-even-is-this to ahhh-organisation. I walked down the stationary isle in Wilko (as I always do, even just to look) and I saw box-filers.

I remember I had one of these yonks ago and it wasn’t super helpful to teenage me. But, to disabled adult me? Oh, hell yeah. I ended up buying two (for now) because I’m always in and out of the doctors and hospital appointments and had all kinds of odd jobs, I have a tonne of paperwork I’m not really supposed to get rid of?

So, one box is for my medical paperwork. From old appointments for mental health, to my current Crohn’s related investigations, and even a few tonnes of documents to do with disability support forms. The other is for all my previous jobs, payslips, some bank stuff, all those annoying automatic pension schemes you’re signed up for… and my printed CVs.

It’s just so much easier to have it all in a box you can flick through quickly. Each section with a different label, fab. My inner perfectionist is happy. As a disabled person, you never know when you’ll need half of these documents as proof for something. I have PIP and in October 2020 I’ll have to be re-examined to see if I still ‘deserve’ the little compensation I get. I have my entire previous application with all my old answers in my medical box for reference, plus all the appointment letters I’ll need as further recent evidence of ‘why my body is fucked up enough to get £200 a month’.

I’m very good at losing these documents otherwise and found I had multiples of a lot of these that were just taking up so much room. Be gone!

I filled a medium sized Primark bag with a lot of unnecessary paperwork, and I started filling another box after that too to be disposed of.

So if you’re drowning in papers, give this a try. It’s pretty useful and they were only £4.50 at Wilko.

~ Artie

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