I Un-hauled and Decluttered some Books

Hey pals,

We’ve had a bit of a DVD clear out recently and I decided I’d have a quick look through my unread bookshelf too. Lo and behold, I found a few books I no longer wanted!  So, of course, I have to chat about it!



1) The Vitamin Bible – Earl Mindell. I bought this with good intentions to learn some more about vitamins because, honestly, I don’t know a lot considering I semi-rely on them. I have never reached for it and actually forgot I had it. So, GOODBYE!

You can check out further unhauls on my IGTV

2) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy – Larsson. I definitely forgot I had these, they were in the back row of unread books. I’m not sure why I bought them, I tried watching the films and wasn’t a fan… also some of the triggering content I’ve heard about isn’t really my deal, so I decided it was time for them to go.

3) Atonement – Ian McEwan. As a writing student, I felt like I was supposed to like and read classics but I honestly really don’t. The only classic I’ve ever read all the way through is Frankenstein. I don’t even know what Atonement is about actually. Probably means I don’t care!

4) Billy and Me – Giovanna Fletcher. I’m not sure why I bought this? Not a very ‘me’ book… Probably an impulse buy. I’m not really into traditional ‘Chick Lit’ type genre books and I don’t think I’ll ever reach for it.

5) The Great Gatsby play version. Decided I didn’t need the play version when I have the novel now and getting a little bit of money for it on music magpie helped me let go!

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6) Reflexology – Nicola Hall. Again, bought with good intentions to learn a little something about bodies and fun ways to make myself feel better without medication but I didn’t even open the book and I’ve had it quite a while!

 Here is a huge book unhaul video

7) The Scorch Trials – James Dashner. I have the whole series but this was the only one music magpie offered money for so the earlier books have narrowly escaped death this time around! They get to live on my shelf another day, but this one has to go… for now.

Watch my recent video where I tidy and declutter my bookshelf.

I still have plenty of unread books on my shelf and several I am part way through reading I need to finish off! So, hopefully I’ll get a bit of a reading buzz again and devour a few of them! It won’t stop me from picking up more…

~ Artie

Go watch my clothes Unhauling video here!

14 thoughts on “I Un-hauled and Decluttered some Books

  1. Hahaha I’ve never gotten far in ANY classic novel except Frankenstein. I recently bought Nausea which I hope I can get through but eee we will see ! For the most part I don’t often buy new books so it’s not too bad but I need to read the ones I have bought haha

  2. I have so many books “bought with good intentions” which ended up somewhere behind some other piles of books. Most of them are history books and I feel so guilty about not reading them!

    I am not a writing student but as a reader&blogger, I thought I was supposed not just to read the classics but also like them. Welp, that didn’t work at all when Kafka was making me scratch my eyeballs in frustration and Hemingway made me scream out loud “let go of that goddamn fish!” while reading it :))

  3. Me too! Haha theres just something about buying books. I don’t know what it is. But it’s such a nice feeling. Then I’m left with too many to read haha

  4. I love unhauling books! It makes room and gives you an excuse for new books to buy! haha

  5. I do recommend doing an unhaul if there are books you keep holding onto !
    My experience with musicMagpie is mixed! I have problems with their collection service a lot and they really don’t pay much for items but if you’re looking to get a little something it can be a benefit. You have to compile at least £5 worth of stuff which tends to be a lot!

  6. I’ve seen a few book unhauls but i think most people tend to DNF books and talk about them that way rather than ‘unhaul’. but yeah lots of people have huge hauls of brand new books and arcs and it does seem a bit much? I’m all for supporting traditional publishing as books can be regifted or donated really easily, i like to donate to local services so they can make some money 🙂

  7. I think we all do that haha! Luckily most of my books are second hand so I don’t spend too much on the and don’t feel too bad about getting rid of them! I donate pretty much all my books to my GP surgery or the local hospital coz they have bookshelves with donation boxes to raise money!

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