My 2020 Social Media and Blogging Goals!

Hey pals,

I’m doing a little comparison between my goals I set at the beginning of 2019 and setting new goals!

(Main picture from:

This blog

2019: 11 followers

By the end of 2019: 100 followers minimum

End of 2019

172 (I reached my goal)

2020 goal: 200-300


My facebook page

2019: 61 likes

By the end of 2019: 100 likes minimum

End of 2019

102 (I reached my goal)

2020 goal: 200-300



2019: 259 followers (but this constantly goes up and down by 10)

By the end of 2019: 300-500 followers

End of 2019

667 (I got even further than my goal)

2020 goal: 700-800



2019: 726 followers (also goes up and down by 20 constantly)

By the end of 2019: 1,000 followers

End of 2019

end of 2019: 882 (didn’t reah goal, this has been the hardest platform to gain permanent followers on)

2020 goal: 1,000-1,500



2019: 120 subscribers

By the end of 2019: 200-500 subscribers (I find this one really hard to gain subscribers on compared to everything else so I’ve kept it reasonably low)

End of 2019

end of 2019: 179 (did not reach goal, not surprised!)

2020 goal: 200-300


(photo from libertipix)

I have a reading goal this year to try and read 12 books, one a month as I read maybe 8-9 books this year so I’m not far off and have definitely started to enjoy reading and taking some time out to do it. I think this aim will benefit me mentally.


I also plan to put my physical health as a priority, since my surgery, my Crohn’s symptoms have calmed down a lot and I hope to maybe reach a remission this year and not need to take any other medications like biologics.


Share some of your 2020 goals with me! I’d love to hear what everyone wants to do in the new year.


~ Artie

9 thoughts on “My 2020 Social Media and Blogging Goals!

  1. I’m of the same aim as you when it comes to finding more paid writing work! Struggle to find real and legit ones! Thank you and good luck to you too 🙂

  2. Thank you I’ve learned it’s important to aim for something achievable because you’re more likely to reach it which is great, and if you reach it sooner rather than later, fab ! 🙂

  3. Doubling followers and page views is definitely up there for me as well when it comes to my blogging, but I also want to focus more on writing novels, writing gigs that pay, and finding a new day job. So, it’s a lot to take on, but I’m going to do what I can do. Good luck to you as well!

  4. I like that your goals are actual numbers and very achievable. Good luck to you.

  5. Thank you! I feel like the term goal is less strict and more motivating. If I don’t hit them, there is less guilt and more possibility to start and stop when I like! Good luck to you as well! 💖

  6. Love the idea of goals rather than ‘resolutions’! Well done on the goals you achieved and worked towards last year and good luck with your goals for this year☺️xx

  7. I hope remisison happens for your this year, but you still did really well even if you didn’t hit all your goals. I’d love to grow both blogs & their following and go self-employed this year

    Ash |

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