Three Crystals I Took With Me For Surgery !

Hey pals!

I don’t often talk about my spiritual side on here, only on the odd occasion like this blog post! But I’ve not had any kind of surgery since I was 2 years old and I had my tonsils removed! So I had a lot of anxiety going in for this (also a lot of waiting around that holding on and fiddling with something helps) and was prepared to dip back into my spiritual side. I asked some of my online friends for suggestions and these were the three I decided on!

Rose Quartz

The properties of this stone are: peace, healing, calming, reassuring.

It speaks directly to the heart chakra helping to dissolve emotional wounds and fears, I have a lot of medical trauma to do with needles so this was important for me to help reduce my fear. It’s a good crystal to use in emotional crisis.


The properties: protection, harmony, good luck.

This stone prevents harm from coming to it’s beholder, again perfect for surgery as I was worried about things going wrong. I am also always in need of good luck. It helps sooth the mind and release negative thoughts.

Blood Stone

The properties: blood cleansing, general cleansing, powerful healing, protection,

This is also a stone for healing, protection and calming. It also helps in adjusting to unforeseen circumstances, as we weren’t aware I needed surgery until the last minute and weren’t sure if or when it would happen. And it helps with irritability, aggressiveness and impatience, all of which I needed as I have mood instability and was also sat waiting for hours multiple times. It’s also ideal for anaemia (which I have mildly thanks to Crohn’s) and supports blood flow and circulation. Apparently also reduces the formation of puss (very specific but always helpful after a surgery!) and helps to heal inflammation and infections.


This post in no way is telling you to use holistic approaches INSTEAD OF scientifically proved medicine. This is a post on how it can be used as an emotional and mental aid through some tough times. I am an advocate for seeking out professional help rather than alternative therapies, but I see no harm in doing both.

~ Artie


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7 thoughts on “Three Crystals I Took With Me For Surgery !

  1. Awh it’s nice to see something your mother did for you continue in your life and pass down to your children too 💖 haha thank you I like to hope I’m intuitive I’ve worked on it in and off through the years but I mostly read tarot. Oh me too! I’ve not had any surgery since I was very small and I was really panicked but holding on to these crystals helped.

  2. Wow! This floored me because when I had my tonsils out twenty-two years ago, my mother gave me a Jade stone. I remember holding that rock and feeling a lot more sturdy and strong. I kept it as my “healing stone,” and pull it out for myself or my kids when they get sick. You must be an intuitive 🙂 I’m glad you found some solace in them!

  3. These are great! I’ve been keeping Tigers Eye around, for grounding and inspiration and attracting good things. Also good for combating worries which is helpful because of my anxiety. I also have Jade, cause we can all use a little luck!

  4. Yeah I think so! I think it helps a lot mentally as I had something to focus my nervous energy on and something nice to hold and play with. Plus being ill, I’m honestly open to giving everything a go 😭

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