What Happened To My Quarantine TBR?

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Hey pals,

I’ve clearly been doing more reading since we are not supposed to be going out and socialising. I’ve had many books on my shelves for literally a decade that I wanted to fight through so I made a Quarantine TBR video on my YouTube Channel and I’ve made many book related posts and bought many books since this so I wanted to go through what I had set out to read and see what happened to the books!

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My Shelf Pre-Purge!

The first thing I talk about is reading my manga collections to decide if I want to keep or even continue reading them. My collection consisted of Naruto, Fruits Basket, Mega Tokyo, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Fullmetal Alchemist, Blue Exorcist. So far I’ve read Fruits Basket and unhauled one book I owned as it was like book 19 and I only had 1-4, and I have no interest in continuing the series at this moment in time.

I also talked about the possibility of doing a Georgia Nicolson Reading Marathon, which I have not done yet. I have set my focus more on books I’ve never read as there is a possibility I would unhaul them from my collection, whereas I know I will be keeping the Georgia Nicolson books.

Then I talk Kindle books for a while, the first is Marilyn Monroe biography, then Radio Silence I bought early lockdown, I read this and Solitaire and I Was Born For This all early on as they were pretty cheap at 99p. I talked about the Radio Silence in my Pride Book Recs Video.

On to my physical collection of books. Call The Midwife I still haven’t picked up. I went on to talk about spooky books to prep for October, Witch Child which I think 2020 is the anniversary of its release as I saw a book blogger receive a copy gifted. Haven’t read this yet. Sea Witch got unhauled a while ago. Sub Rosa was also never read. Secret Societies was also unhauled because musicmagpie was accepting it and I fancied the money. Great Ghost stories still hasn’t been read either and I haven’t even really thought about picking it up! Dead Witch Walking I DNF’d because it was bad and also musicmagpie bought it off me. See more about this book and my thoughts in my recent YouTube video. Trans Britain was also not read even though I had intentions to read it and had it on several TBRs, it just never happened. How To Give Up Plastic is the last book I mention, this I did read! I talked about it on my Instagram and in my recent book wrap up video, and then sold it to musicmagpie. It’s funny how I talk about ableism within the eco community online, because this book specifically includes and discusses disabled people and their place in the eco movement, which was great!

So, out of this TBR I have read 6 books out of 66, unhauled 4. Yikes, considering I’ve read 38 books this year…

I thought I would also go back and talk about my TBR I made at the beginning of the year as well! I know this one was pretty long and it was before any of my book purges! These were all physical books and I think they were all very old!

Group 1 nonfiction: Chronicles of a London Girl, The Woodpecker Story, neither have been read. I talk about The Woodpecker Story in my Intimidating reads post.

Group 2 books based near where I live: Let Me Live Like Water, Dead Tomorrow, Memories of Old Sussex. I only read Memories of Old Sussex coz it was very short. I think I then unhauled this? I can’t remember.

Group 3 books made into films/shows: Killing Eve I DNF’d it was dreadful and boring, The Great Gatsby still unread, Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea I still haven’t read I think I have stage fright from loving the 80’s films so so much that I’m worried the books would disappoint me but we will see.

Group 4 witchy books: Practical Magic (also fits into the previous category) still not read but I love the film, Potion Diaries I think I unhauled I am pretty sure I decided I just would never pick the book up, Becoming Dangerous I did finally finish this year I really had to dedicate time to finishing it. You can read about that on my Instagram too.

The we also have the BPD Survival guide which I’ve still not read, Biting Anorexia I finished very early in the year and was really enjoyable, and then finally James Baldwin’s Dark Days which I did finish this year and have turned into a travelling book! You can read more about it in this Instagram post.

So out of this TBR I have read 4, unhauled 2.

You know I recently put up my Nonfiction TBR shelf blog post just as a discussion on this genre, because it has always been one that I’ve enjoyed. I like to read about other real people and always have done so I think eventually I’ll revisit that post either here or on my youtube channel and see how I got on. I plan on reading up to 5 nonfiction books for and through November as it’s nonfiction November and I wanted to make some relevant posts! My current choices are My Mad Fat Diary, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, Made in America, and Talking as Fast as I Can (ebook), I have space for one more but I can’t choose so give me a hand! I made a NonFic November Recs Video here.

I feel like this year has been very weird and I’ve had to get creative with how I spend my time to keep myself busy and prevent insanity. I’ve gotten used to being stranded at home really from living with chronic illness so this wasn’t THAT new to me and it took me a lot longer to run out of things to do than most people because I already have a million hobbies I can do from home and things take me longer to do as I have to pace myself. I’ve had so many decluttering and purging moments, the most recent were more books and DVDs, just trying to strip my space of excess which I talked about in a recent post as well! Reading has been a great escapist hobby, and I’m thankful I was able to really get back into reading this year because it really helped keep me sane.

I also put in a lot of work trying to learn how to develop my blog and YouTube more, like SEO bullshit man I don’t know what half of anything means and that stunted me for a long time because nothing is explained simply. I eventually found some useful and easy to understand tools and posts. I can say it has definitely improved my blog standing, my DA jumped up 6 points since putting in the effort and spending time editing old posts etc. and I’m still trying to figure out how that works for YouTube, I did find a useful blog post full of things I didn’t know even existed but I haven’t seen much improvement yet so if you know of anything, link me in the comments!

I feel like we are getting to a point where everyone is acting a bit too normal… and we are awaiting another official lockdown. We are approaching my birthday in early October and we are still here in this huge mess that just keeps getting worse. Just try to be sensible, you know? Masks, hand sanitiser and washing your hands, stop eating out and being in huge crowds where you can, I know lots of people don’t have the luxury of avoiding things like work and public transport. Make a TBR and read some books instead of going out or check out something new on Netflix, you know I have a bunch of posts on this too!

I’m just getting fed up of the ignorance. Sorry this post ended weirdly haha! TBR to life crisis. You’re welcome.

~ Artie

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3 thoughts on “What Happened To My Quarantine TBR?

  1. Great post! So many great books on these lists. I can’t imagine reading Killing Eve – I think it’s the acting versus the story that makes this show so great!

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