2021 Socials Goals

photo of artie with a notebook, on a pink and brown collage background, book covers lining the bottom, text reads: 2021 socials goals

Hey pals,

Here’s an update on my goals of 2020, how I did and what I want to achieve this year! Maybe a little about what I’ve learned but I think I discussed that more in my December Goals post where I tried to go for a final push to reach my 2020 goals.

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The Blog

End of 2019: 172 followers

2020 goal: 200-300

end of 2020: 3

Goal reached!

2021 goal: 500 – 1,000


End of 2019: 882

2020 goal: 1,000-1,500

End of 2020: 1,110

Goal 1 reached! Didn’t quite get to goal 2.

2021 goal: 1,500 – 2,000

my favourite books

TikTok (@artiecarden)

Another I wasn’t following originally but I do have some stats.

I was at 400 followers in March of 2020.

I went viral 4th March 2020.

Hit 2k on 1st December.

End of 2020: 2,230

2021 goal: 3,000 – 5,000

Facebook Page

End of 2019: 102

2020 goal: 200-300

End of 2020: 310

Goal reached!

2021 goal: 500


End of 2019: 179

2020 goal: 200-300

End of 2020: 314

Both goals reached! I did have to hit 300 subscribers twice as my first video post after reaching 300, 5 people unsubbed and took me back under my goal and I had to do another promo push which took another week and a half.

2021 goal: 500 – 1,000

GoodReads Challenge

2020 goal: 12 books

Reached goal and changed it to 50 books as I was reading so much, re: pandemic.

New goal: 50 books

End of 2020: 50 books read

2021 goal: I’m going with 12 to start, see how the year goes, then up it to 50 again. I still have a lot of books to read that I already own.


End of 2019: 667

2020 goal: 700-800

End of 2020: 1,405

Goal reached!

2021 goal: 1,500 – 2,000


This one I started thinking more about this year so I only really have my end of year stat!

My notes day I was at 9 followers 14th April 2020. I didn’t start streaming regularly until November/December 2020.

End of 2020: 19

2021 goal: 50 followers

I just wanted to add a little Book Suggestions section!

Check out Wranglestone! Queer YA Zombie Mystery

wranglestone zombie book YA
Cemetery Boys! Queer/Trans Ghost YA Romance Mystery.

I think I’m going to be a bit less bothered about my Facebook follow numbers, I’d like them to go up obviously and I’ve found it can be a good source of traffic. TikTik surprised me this year, I accidentally ended up at over 1,000 followers so gave myself an aim of 2k and it carried on growing after that. I mainly want my YouTube and Instagram and blog followers to go up as these are my main creative spaces I put a lot of work into! The algorithms change semi-regularly, it’s hard to keep up as a small creator and hard to understand what is and isn’t working. But I’ll keep pushing as I would love to make this stuff my full time paying job, I love creating so much and sharing my thoughts, it really is a passion for me but it is hard.

I hope everyone had a good 2020! And the best of luck for 2021.

~ Artie

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