54 Books I Haven’t Read in 10 Years

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Hey pals,

This is a very specific blog post list, but it’s something I wanted to share and discuss! I did mention these books in my All The Books I Own and Still Haven’t Read video. But I didn’t go into a lot of detail, because the video had roughly 150 books mentioned. I did recently go through the book series I want to try to complete this year, if that’s more your thing. So, I shall go into them more now. I’m going to try to give a summary based on my memory alone, I think it would be interesting to come back to this post after reading them again and see how much I remembered and if I was correct.

YA/Kid Lit

Contemporary : I did a video reading a mixture of Contemporary YA I have never read before, but also some re-reads. Feel free to go check out that video, I do mention the Georgia Nicolson series in it and why I am less excited to re-read that right now.

Georgia Nicolson Series: Georgia is a knobbly-kneed, big chested teenager with a lot of sass and goes to an all girls school. All the boys find her funny, all the girls find her funny. But none of the boys she’s interested in are interested in her (sort of).

Withering Tights, The Taming of the Tights, A Midsummer Tights Dream: Georgia’s cousin, who I think is a lanky theatre gal with long black hair, goes… to Yorkshire? Somewhere up in England, where the Moores are. It’s a modern day Wuthering Heights (which I have never read, she just names a bunch of people after the characters and compares things to the book, I don’t know) Doing a performing arts course away from home, again with a bunch of girls, it’s like there are no co-ed schools in this universe… I don’t think the series ever got an end as the author died. I think this series is a “read one more time, unhaul” kind of thing.

Midnight: Mmm lets see, another girl with long dark hair, gothic vibe, but kid version. I think she’s called Violet. Something about fairies? Errr yeah I really don’t know.

Diamond Girls: Honestly no idea. I think it’s a family of a lot of sisters and a young kind of unstable mum. The girls have to take care of each other.

Clean Break: Parents break up, I think the mum moves her and the kid(s?) away and the kids wonder why their dad doesn’t call/care… something like this?


Kissed by an Angel: This is a fat book like 400 pages or more. I don’t know how they filled so many pages. The main character moves to a new town after her boyfriend died in a car crash which she was also in so she is depressed, doesn’t feel like she deserves to be happy again let alone fall in love. Her dead boyfriend is an angel just chillin’ hanging out and following her around. She low key starts falling in love with a new boy and dead boy is like ‘nah fam you’re gonna die so we can be together forever’ he changes his mind and lets he live and fall for new boy the end.

Generation Dead/Kiss of Life: There’s a virus that only affects teenagers, where they died and become undead. Only the ones that die become undead, to clarify. I did start this reread end of 2020 but put it down and didn’t get back to it. Basically main character Phoebe, goth chick with long black hair falls for a zombie jock, her best friend Adam who is also a jock is also in love with her and has a shitty home life. Their group also had a friend that became a zombie who they don’t talk to anymore. It’s kind of a story of learning to accept zombie people and a vague commentary on the PC culture with language. I find it’s very relevant to the disabled community in the ways that zombie bodies act and look different in a selection of ways (this can be read as Neuro Diversity, Mental Illness, Physical Disabilities, etc.) and the adaptations made for them but also the language used, like I don’t think they can say zombie I think it’s like the living impaired or someshit which sounds SO SIMILAR to handi-capped and differently-abled and special needs, etc. SO I definitely want to re-read this series to be able to use this as a comparative between real life as a disabled person and what’s written in this book.

Lord Loss: I’m not actually sure I read this book the whole way through in the first place so I don’t really remember much but I do remember it being very creepy and people disappearing and gore. I think it is a short book and part of a series but I just want to check it out to finally decide if I think it’s a good series or not?

Vampyr Legion: I think this is a ‘I’ve been sucked into a video game and can’t leave until I complete it’ book, like the Jumanji film remake but with Vampires and maybe Werewolves? Anything else? Couldn’t tell you but I remember being able to read it as a stand alone even though it is the second in a series.

haruhi fujioka OHSHC
Haruhi from OHSHC


I will be doing a manga marathon video if you want to be updated on what I think of these. I did also read a series last year, Chibi Vampire, you can check that video out first to see if that is something you’d want to watch again.

Ouran High-School Host Club 1-6: A Poor student Haruhi gains a scholarship to a very expensive private school, accidentally smashes a ridiculously expensive vase and is instantly recruited into the Host Club (low-key kinda a pimp club where the boys of the school romance the girls…) Haruhi is actually a girl. But now leads life a a boy at school and kinda likes it! Also I’m pretty sure several of the host club boys fall in love with her. Tamaki is always trying to make her wear femme clothes which always bothered me, but otherwise I liked him quite a lot.

Arata: The Legend 1: I don’t remember reading this but I remember reading the plot. A Princess? Doesn’t want to be a princess and somehow swaps places with a boy who looks exactly like her and has the same name.

Blue Exorcist 1-5: Rin? I think is the main character or is the twin of the main character. Main character! Is the son of satan? I guess… or a demon… their ‘father’ is Father something, a pastor who is also an exorcist. Main character joins exorcist school which he didn’t know about for his whole life because he is part demon and I don’t know they were trying to let him lead a normal life. His twin has already mastered and become an exorcist and a teacher. There’s a very clear hetero girl love interest for the main character but BUT it is manga and there is always homosexual tension. Either the pink haired dude, or the angry one he fights with a lot. Considering I owned the DVD I don’t remember a lot.

Mega Tokyo 1-5: This is a manga made by a non-native of Japan. I think it is a couple of white guys (Americans?) who moved to Tokyo and live there and have adventures. I don’t know if they actually live in Japan or if that was just the comic but the characters are based off the creator and his friends. It’s pretty straight so I think it’ll be another read again and sell/donate.

Full Metal Alchemist 1-15: Ed and his brother Al try to bring their mum back to life after their dad is a dick and pisses off. Al becomes soul in large tin suit and Ed will forever wear gloves. They have adventures to learn Alchemy, what they did wrong, to find and defeat their dad??? And try to get Al his or a body to return to. Probably one of the few times I have a straight ship I actually really Like Ed and Winny? I dunno, I said I was doing this without refreshing my memory and that’s what I’m doing. But there is a guy later on who creates homosexual tensions with Ed but I don’t know how old either of them are or if it is appropriate.


Hungry by Crystal Renn: this book I mentioned in my Non-Fic Recs video too, I talk about it there so I’ll save myself the embarrassment from trying to remember what I said.

If you’re curious about what books I wouldn’t read, then check out this video My Anti-TBR. I’m thinking of bringing back my Read With Me live streams but to my Twitch, let me know if you think I should and give me a follow I’m halfway to 50 follows! I do have a lot of book related content planned still, as Lockdown in the UK doesn’t appear to be ending and even if it did I don’t know if I would feel safe doing things outside. I have a couple non-bookish things I want to try and create but it’s mainly books over here right now! Follow the blog! Follow my Twitter and Instagram. I have some blackout poetry art available for sale on my Facebook so please check it out and get in contact if you want to buy!

~ Artie


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