Songs You Need on Your Villain Era Playlist

Hey pals,

I’ve not been able to keep up with my blog recently, I’ve been incredibly busy (give my youtube channel a watch for some of the things I’ve been doing since the new year started) If you are in need of some new songs and music to power your will to live and spite against the government, here is my dark and moody playlist of The Villain Era.

I Spit On Your Grave – ZAND

STFU! – Rina Sawayama

Toxic (cover) – 2WEI

Collision – Kokutan

Guillotine – Death Grips

Panic Room – Au/Ra

KILLING TIME – Jordan Fiction

happier than ever (cover) – Loveless

A.U.T.I.S.M. – Cupcakke

LEFT4DEAD! – The Post Romantics

Skin – Colby Brock

EAT SPIT! (ft. Royal & the Serpent). – Slush Puppy

Don’t Touch – Lil Mariko, Full Tac

Celebrity Skin (cover) – Doja Cat

Bodak Yellow – Cardi B

Knights of Cydonia – Muse

Sugar Rush – TOVA

Reawakenings Vol. 2 – Hidden Citizens

Flashbacks – CRASPORE

Black Out Days – Phantogram

Pink Rover – Scene Queen

Pretty In Pink – Scene Queen

Hysteria – Muse

POWER – Ysgmean

Mad At God – Sarah Saint James

It’s Not Your Fault – Maggie Lindemann

If you’re into music and like browsing other people’s playlists, give my Spotify a follow and have a look at my many MANY playlists! Drop songs and music artists you think I might like in the comments! If you are UK based, check out my art (used in this post) on depop and consider buying a few pieces to support me! All pieces on this post are already sold pieces but I have many more to choose from on depop and I’m open to slogan/phrase commissions, you can drop me a message through my contact form or DM me on depop.

I use a lot of my playlists whilst Im travelling or whilst I’m writing, even when I’m creating my artwork. If you’re also interested in writing, you can check out my video from last year where I did a mini writing challenge to try and complete my novel, or my videos talking about preparing for my first makers market and how it went.

Don’t forget to keep fighting fascism. Learn more about mutual aid. Do what you can for your communities.

You’re doing great.

~ Artie


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