My Skin Sucks rn and I am Depressed About it

Hey Pals,

As you can tell by the title, I’m going to be talking about my skin this week. Also, sorry about the lack of posts recently, I’ve been in a writing funk and had zero passion and motivation for this. I am really forcing myself to write this today so I can try and get back into the swing of things.

Back onto topic, I’ve been quite lucky in the skin department in my life. Of course I get spots, but I’ve always had an even complexion and spots and blackheads aren’t a regular issue for me. I do have annoying combo skin where my nose is really oily, my cheeks and forehead are very dry, and my face is very sensitive to ANY products used on it.

But the last couple of weeks I’ve had a bit of a skin freak out where I have had these spots (mostly lurking under the skin but sometimes they rise into white heads) on both cheeks and a few on my forehead that just will not go away.

(These pictures are definitely not the worst it has been, but to illustrate what I’m working with here ya go)

Why do I think they are there right now? Well there’s a selection of reasons I am trying to rectify. I try to use clean towels on my pillows to keep the surface clean and not keep rubbing old dirt into my face! I have definitely been on a very processed diet, and I am trying to change that. I have been having a bit of stomach trouble again (which is inflammation based) and inflammation in one area often triggers it in other areas, like my skin, so I’m trying to care for my stomach health as much as I can.

I am regularly cleansing/washing my face, using teatree oil on the spots, carefully exfoliating my skin, and using gentle moisturisers. I take multi-vitamins every day and now also take turmeric and coconut oil capsules. AND I’ve finally started trying those weird cotton facial packs which are super cool btw.

And, to be honest, the spots aren’t budging. Some days they are less red and prominent, but they are still there. It’s given me a bit of a knock and adds to my lack of energy to get ready and really makes me not want to film videos. My skin has always been pretty good in appearance even though I have my issues with it, and now that it doesn’t look as good, I don’t feel as confident. I don’t want to take pictures of myself and I don’t want to look at it, I don’t want to look in a mirror. Or if I do look in a mirror the only thing I look at are these spots!

So, in conclusion, I’m a cry baby who is feeling a bit down and would really appreciate any advice one other things to try!

Check out my updated skincare video !


2 thoughts on “My Skin Sucks rn and I am Depressed About it

  1. No thank you for your in-depth reply I really appreciate it! I’ll look into what I can find as the UK and US tend to vary a little on what things are called and if they’re even available. But it’s good to know there’s something else I can try as well! Thanks!

  2. Hey, as someone who’s been there – and is currently there (in the same boat with you) I definitely understand the frustration when your skin isn’t allowing you to put your best face forward. One of the things that I’ve found really helps for me, at least, is taking Amino Acids. It comes in powder form and you can just put it in your water in the morning. (Look up BCAA – Branch Chain Amino Acids)

    For me, Amino Acids play an integral role in my gut health and insuring that things are digesting properly. If things aren’t digesting properly, it absolutely shows on my skin. Not sure if it’s something you want to look into – but if you want to make a small investment in it and see if it makes a change, you can buy Lysiene Acid in the vitamin aisle for about ten bucks. Lysiene on it’s on is a lot cheaper than a full BCAA blend.

    Sorry if this is long and rambley. I just know what it’s like to want to put your best face forward and what it’s like when your face doesn’t want to agree.

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