Trying to Heal my Stomach: Natural Remedies

Hey Pals,

I still don’t know if I have Crohn’s officially (but, yes I basically have Crohn’s, everyone who has looked at my scans has said ‘this looks like Crohn’s!’) but I have finally be referred on to a Gastroenterologist, who I assume is the person who will be dealing with medications? My large intestine had a bunch of biopsies that have all come back clear (at least that’s some good news!) but the MRI of my small intestine looks ‘suspicious’ and they ‘suspect’ I have Crohn’s. Sick one, thanks lads for being so specific.

Seeing as it looks like I won’t have an appointment with this person for quite some time, I have been researching what I can do at home to try and heal my stomach as much as I can and I just wanted to share what I am currently doing and thinking about taking on.

As we all know, I take and have taken multi-vitamins and magnesium daily anyway. I have also added a very strong dose of probiotics to my mornings, Coconut oil capsules that are meant to be good for detoxing your body, and an occasional turmeric capsule as it is meant to be good for inflammation.

I have also read that cod liver oil / omega 3 tablets have been researched a little bit and they seem to be helpful for people with Crohn’s to get them into remission. I am thinking about taking this on. Though I am a Vegetarian and have been for 10 years this summer, I do put my health first. Sometimes you cannot avoid taking things for your health that aren’t veggie friendly. I am already on some medication that has gelatine in the capsule so taking cod liver oil tablets to help my health isn’t such a leap for me.

And before anyone gets all crazy about it, that way I see this is: I am an activist and an avid eco-friendly person, I try my best to do what I can to benefit animals and people and the environment alike. Without my medication, I am basically useless and I am unable to function at all, let alone enough to be helpful to causes I am passionate about. I feel like it is a necessary evil, yanno? Plus, I hope this is something that would change over time as more people talk about the general ridiculousness of medication having animal products in them and also no one actually knowing about it. Did you know most medication isn’t vegan as it has milk/lactose in it?

Anyway, I’m going off topic!

I’m looking for ways, with and without research, that may help put and keep my Crohn’s into remission. So, anyone out there who knows a little summin summin, feel free to share below!


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