I Went To A Holistic Fair

Hey pals,

I’ve been to my fair share of holistic fairs over the years but I definitely fell out of my spirituality quite a bit whilst at uni and 2019 is my year to try new things and go do things I know I enjoy! This was a very small fair in a little village hall, I do prefer the bigger fairs in conference buildings because then it’s more of a day out rather than a stop in a day of multiple destinations.

It was probably a good thing I went to a small fair first because who knows what I can deal with these days in regards to my health and it was just nice to be in a room of holistic crafts and services.

I spent a shocking amount on crystals because there were so many really unique ones I’ve never seen before (or never seen in person) so I don’t regret it. I am a crystal hoarder but don’t often buy them.

I was a little sad that it didn’t really smell like incense like they usually do, despite the huge stall of them by the door. And I don’t remember any music? I could have sworn most fairs I’ve been to had music, but I suppose it’s hard to do when it’s lots of little stalls in a small hall compared to the larger fairs where music is played from different stalls.


I don’t usually buy much from the fair except some crystals and maybe something I wouldn’t find somewhere else. I often like to go and find local healers to try and some of them give a short demonstration/sample session for a lower price. I like to try these therapies before devoting myself to a full session, they can be quite pricey. But there wasn’t much there today and I don’t really believe in paying £30 to a tarot reader. (I charge low prices for my readings because I don’t think you should over-charge for a gift that is meant to help people. A bit like why I don’t like touring mediums…)

They also have some talks and group meditations that I usually like to participate in but I didn’t really like the sound of any of the ones they had on today, which sucked. But nevermind, I’m going to keep my eye out for other local holistic fairs that will hopefully be bigger!

~ Artie

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