Second-Hand Book Haul (I bought 4 books)

Hey pals,

I wanted to talk about my little second-hand book haul from the other week, I went to my first village jumble sale of the year. We used to go to them constantly, but unfortunately the quality of items has gone a bit down hill since we moved to the area 13 or so years ago. I normally manage to find some books though and I did indeed!

These four books cost me a single pound, and that’s why I still go to the jumble sometimes! Really is the best place for a real bargain.


There weren’t many books that peaked my interest but these four did.

The tiny book on top is Dark Days by James Baldwin, a book of essays about America’s division due to race and the vision of a new world. Obviously as the political little shit that I am, I was excited to buy this book. It’s pretty small and would be a quick and easy read, but with a very powerful story that I would love to know more of from the P.O.V of black people in America.

I had to buy the Greek Myths (parts one and two) because I’ve never actually read them all and I’d love to experiment with writing short stories re-imagining the Greek Myths some time and having a physical copy has always benefited me in these moments. Also, they were both hardback with really great covers!

The last book I picked up was No Room For Secrets by Joanna Lumley. Yes, another biography/memoir to join my ever growing collection. I loved watching Joanna in AbFab (who didn’t?) and I am always fascinated by ‘famous’ people and how they got to where they are now. This biography takes a different format where she goes room to room in her house and talks about the memories associated with each object.

Let me know if you like these book focused blog posts and I might just keep doing it!

Check out this video on my channel, it’s from a while back but it’s another second hand book haul and might take your fancy!

See you next week!

~ Artie

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