Getting an Ankle Tattoo: My Experience

Hey pals,

I have few tattoos, but they are all in sensitive places. I personally would say they were all equally as painful, they were all 15 minutes or less, but people say an ankle tattoo is supposed to be pretty difficult to get done. Here’s my experience.

I had decided I wanted this design on my inner left ankle, it was a charity flash day so a cheeky £50 for it isn’t bad, and I mostly let the tattoo artist (Rebecca Vincent) choose the placement. She seemed more worried than I was and was convinced I was going to kick her from the pain. Like I said to begin, it didn’t really hurt any more than my others did. The worst parts were the outer edges because they stung a lot more, and the parts near my tendon but only because it made my foot twitch it wasn’t painful.

So, generally it’s a pain I can deal with especially if it’s 20 minutes or less! And everyone has a different pain threshold. All I can say is, if it’s something you want, you should should get it. (Most tattoo minimum prices are £80 and if they are lower, you might want to be sceptical if it isn’t a flash day.)

~ Artie

25 thoughts on “Getting an Ankle Tattoo: My Experience

  1. I’ve read that lots of people like body parts they hated after they tattoo them! So I’d say go for it anyway, the art is for you and you might find you’ll start liking that body part!

  2. I’m currently thinking of / possibly designing my next tattoo. My first one is the length of my left inner forearm that I designed and had done for my birthday a few years ago. I’ve debated an ankle one but I’ve got cankles, lmao, so don’t really want to show them! I love your one, and glad to hear it wasn’t too painful to deal with.

  3. This was really interesting to read – I have no tattoos at the moment, but I am interested – but the pain thing puts me off a bit. I like piercings, but they’re so quick that the pain doesn’t bother me. Your tattoo is really lovely, and it was great to read that you, at least, don’t find them too unpleasant to get. Thank you for sharing ❤

  4. Cool! I’ve always wanted one but was scared of the pain. Glad to hear it is survivable!

  5. I’m chronically ill too so I feel you! But it’s such a different pain that I almost would rather get a tattoo than have the pain I normally have 😂

  6. You’re a lot braver than me!! I’m too scared to even get a teeny tattoo! I’m pretty sensitive to pain thanks to my Fibromyalgia but I can appreciate!

  7. What a cool tattoo! I’d love to get my inner and outer ankle do, given that I survived getting my ribs done I hopefully can handle anywhere!

    Ash |

  8. I’d say just go for it mine is not unique it was part of a set flash! Look up your local tattoo artists and see what they do and you’re welcome to take this video to someone for reference, they shouldn’t do a literal copy of it as that’s kinda against tattoo artist code lmao but reference pictures are helpful! I hope you find something you like and get it done! It doesn’t take long so even if you do find it painful you’ll likely be able to deal with it for 10 ish minutes :’) remember to eat before and breathe during!

  9. What a sweet design! I have often contemplated getting a tattoo, and something similar to this is right up my alley. Knowing what to expect hurt-wise is a great help to me.

  10. Look up your local tattoo shops and look at their artists, list of them draw their own ready to tattoo flash you could choose from their designs and most people are open to changing things from original designs and sizing ! 🙂

  11. Look at who is local on Instagram and see what kinds of art they do so if you do decide to get one you’ll know who is best suited to what you want! 🙂

  12. Tattoos can now be removed or covered up if you ever decide you really can’t stand them anymore. And in my experience you just forget they are there, they become part of you so I don’t really feel like I’ll ever get sick of mine per say, I went with black and white because I feel like they fit my style and I can wear anything with them. It feels similar to dying hair to me haha

  13. Thank you! I have two pieces of advice, one is if you really love it and want it on your body then do it! It’s not impossible to remove them or cover them up anymore so it’s not as permanent as people think! Go small if you can for your first one, all of mine are small and we’re done in under 15 minutes and I’m not sure how I would do with a bigger one! But it’s bearable 😂 also I was the same when I was a teenager and I’m glad I never got any at that age coz I really would be embarrassed or sick of the ideas I had back then 😂 x

  14. This is such a nice tattoo ♥ I am always in two minds about getting one myself, I am always so scared in case I get sick of it! I was going to get so many when I was like 18, but never did! I don’t think I would be good with the pain! 😦 x

  15. Interesting read. I used to think of getting a minimalist tattoo like the one in the photo, but now I feel I won’t be happy stuck with one design for the rest of my life.

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