I started a Plant Family again!

Hey pals,

I have a pretty rocky relationship with owning and caring for plants. I have pretty much killed every single plant I have owned. Even the ones that are supposedly ‘un-kill-able’. I’ve killed mint plants and those are supposed to thrive. I’d become pretty disheartened at the number of plants that just weren’t surviving my too-much-gene of caring for them and took some time off. It took me about a year to feel comfortable dating after my ex, it took about the same amount of time to start buying plants again too.

Untitled Design

Honestly, a lot of this came from an old classmate of mine, Amalie, starting her own plant collection so extensive she gave it its own instagram account. Of course I follow it, I can’t help wanting to be bombarded with beautiful plants and aesthetic home decor. Disgusting really how sad I am.

Untitled Design

I impulsively bought a jarred plant, I can’t tell you what it is because I have no idea. I thought it was fake, honestly, but it is real and alive and I don’t know how I’m supposed to care for it in a jar… well, let’s hope it doesn’t die.

I then picked up a peace lily (at Wilko of all places, hilarious) and a small ivy, because I am convinced I am going to make the whole house a plant sanctuary and not just my room, but we will see… It depends on how much my mother will put up with. I struggled to find some nice pots, there was a point in time our local jumble sale used to always have dozens of really pretty plant pots but I think I bought them all… and then… lost them? I’m not sure. But I did find some FROST PROOF (oooo) clay pots in a really lovely blue HALF PRICE even though they are slightly too big, they are what I am going with for now.

I was struggling to find the plant I had REALLY wanted. A snake plant. Mother-in-law’s tongue. I particularly wanted it because it supposedly helps you sleep and we all know my sleep has been kinda shit and weird recently, and I’ll try anything.

I’d been at two garden centres this day and just as I was about to give up I caught sight of a plant that looked sort of like the picture I’d had for reference… It had a different name so I did a quick google to find YES… THIS WAS IT… MY SEARCH WAS OVER. Except all the ones available were kinda beaten up and I couldn’t really tell what I wanted to take home but I MADE A CHOICE and came home with my snake plant who lives happily on my windowsill next to the jarred plant and my teeth.

Wish me luck on being a plant parent again because I am quite nervous about it but also feel much better with three new plants in my room.

I’m also just trying to save the environment.

~ Artie

5 thoughts on “I started a Plant Family again!

  1. Congrats on starting your plant family again! Plants are lovely and make me happy, but I tend to accidentally kill them too. It’s purely unintentional, but I live in the US where it’s the desert and even succulents, which RARELY need water, can die here. So it’s partly not my fault! But I hope your plants thrive this time and you can grow your plant family 🙂

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

  2. I feel your pain – I kill every plant I have ever owned but continue to buy them because I am certain they make my room feel more zen haha! Hope your plant parenthood journey goes a little better this time 🙂

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