Useful Links to Learn More about being Eco-Friendly

Hey pals,

I wanted to compile a list of videos, documentaries, and blog posts that are good at explaining the global and national issues we face to become more eco-friendly.

This blog post has been in collaboration with Ash from This Dreams Alive blog! Check out her blog,

War on Plastic with Hugh and Anita (BBC One): a useful 3 part docuseries about single use plastics and exposing pricing making it near impossible for people on a budget to eliminate their plastic use. Also includes helpful how-tos and ideas what you can swap in.

Fashion Conscious – How Much Water are You Wearing? BBC : A short video exploring the fashion industry and how much water is wasted with what you are wearing. It also has other parts to it on the BBC youtube channel. (refresh your wardrobe)

Climate Change – The Facts BBC: The Full episode featuring Sir David Attenborourgh. “Look at the science of climate change and potential solutions to this global threat. Interviews with some of the world’s leading climate scientists explore recent extreme weather conditions such as unprecedented storms and catastrophic wildfires. They also reveal what dangerous levels of climate change could mean for both human populations and the natural world in the future.”

Stacey Dooley  BBC Three Blood Sweat and T-shirts , confronting shoppers about how they shop how much water is needed for cotton clothes , Sustainable Fashion a 5×15 talk.

How to Delete 99% of your Internet Footprint: a Twitter Thread

The Vogue Guide to Recycling your Beauty Products 

Here is a selection of Youtubers/Youtube videos about trying to adjust thoughts and outlook!

Buzzfeed As/Is Try to sell my clothes in 48 hours 

Carrie Dayton Thrift Flip Carrie also has many thrifting videos on styling all kinds of second hand items and thrift flipping, making items cuter. She is a mid-size youtuber, which I find is a nice change particularly when it comes to fashion and clothes!

Jean Bookish Thoughts Changing my Relationship with Fast Fashion She also makes other videos and content around thrifted/second hand items and clothes. She is mainly a booktuber if that’s also your thing!

The Sorry Girls We Transformed Gabbie’s Trash They are a home decor duo but also do some upcycling videos like this one.

Buzzfeed City Dwellers try being Zero Waste for a Week

Beverly Butterfly Thrifted Vintage style haul  A disabled youtuber who also makes content on spiritual things, nerdy things, and has also started branching out into second hand hauls.

Kelsey Darragh Confidently Insecure How not to be a Dick to the Planet one of my favourite podcasts at the moment, but this episode is all about the environment and becoming more conscious and trying to be as minimal waste as possible.

Lex Croucher ‘Eco Friendly’ Companies are lying to you this is her most recent video on the topic as of writing this post, she has a few more I would recommend people watch.

Meateater goes Vegan for Two Weeks BBC 3 an 8 and a half minute think piece. 6:07-7:32 are of just after slaughter and though it is not the slaughter of the animal it is the carcass being stripped down for sale.

Veganism is a Privilege not Accessible to All a great short video pointing out how inaccessible veganism can be for some people and may be a good introductory video for those who believe it is.

The Meat Industry is Killing the Planet some useful info but half fights the point of the video above.

Trying a Zero-Waste Beauty Regime educational, shows you what ingredients to look out for, how to make at home, and a few alternatives.

DIY Cool Ranch Doritos Julien Solomita makes some great cooking videos and shows you how to make these things. A lot of them are him experimenting with making something non-vegan into vegan friendly. He also has Celiac’s disease so his recipes are gluten free too.

Sustainable Fashion Haul Melanie Murphy has been talking about how much money she spends on clothes and how she is trying to change her habits to buying more second hand and from small companies/businesses rather than contributing to fast fashion.

Here are some blog posts written by This Dream Is Alive

Become a Tree Hugger: a post about ways to help save the trees, the world’s lungs!

Turning the Tide on Plastic Book Review: A super interesting book review and a great recommendation for anyone who wants to do some further reading.

Top 10 Zero-Waste Essentials: a quick guide for people starting out!

Being Eco-Friendly at Christmas: As we approach Christmas of 2019, this is a great post to keep in mind.

Useful Links Ash Recommends

Fashion Revolution: “We want to unite people and organisations to work together towards radically changing the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed, so that our clothing is made in a safe, clean and fair way.”

National Geographic: This source involves a lot more that you think, lots of great articles like the one linked that may shock you and teach you something new. A trustworthy website with a lot of scientific facts to back up their research.

Veganuary: A great project for people to try as a New Years resolution! This site give you all the facts, the why, the how, recipes, even a kit! Also has a page for myth busting.

A few of my own videos and blog posts:

I’ve been Vegetarian for 10 years (Video)

A BIG UN-haul! Decluttering my Closet (Video)

Trying out LUSH Products  (Video)

Donating to Charity (Video)

Second Hand Book Haul (Video)

Book Unhauling (Blog)

Second Hand Book Haul (Blog)

A Natural Toner You Can Make At Home (Blog)

25 Ways We Can Help The Environments (Blog)

More Ways We Can Help The Environment (Blog)

I hope you guys learn a lot! I definitely have as I’ve been collating it. Don’t forget that the best you can do it help make legal legislation changes, contact your MPs, contact the big companies involved, demand better.

~ Artie

5 thoughts on “Useful Links to Learn More about being Eco-Friendly

  1. Thank you ! It wasn’t too bad as I had most of them ready to watch as it was haha but I wanted it to be accessible and factual!
    Yeah I know there are so many scary things we don’t know about these things !!

  2. Amazing list of links. They must have taken you so long to collate.
    I watched the Stacey Dooley fashion documentary a few months ago and it has totally changed my perspective on fast fashion.

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