My Pin and Badge Collection

Hey pals,

I’ve been working my way through a lot of my old computer files and have found many things I meant to make posts on but didn’t for some reason (likely, forgetfulness) and this was one of them. I’m a bit of a badge/pin collector, even though I don’t often wear them out. I just wanted to share some of my collection with you here!

The first two are ones I picked up at Gay’s The Word in London. They have a great selection of LGBT+ themed badges and have a lot of merch based on the film Pride (the same bookshop!).

The second photo I’m wearing a Jumper enamel pin that says ‘loner club’ because, honestly what described me better? Bought from This is Not A Butchers in Brighton, it’s a great little shop filled with all your nerdy desires! and a small badge with a graphic fist that I bought off Amazon.

And the final image is my disabled travel badge. Just so you no, no one cares and will not offer you a seat even if you have this on and a walking stick!

If you’d like to see my full collection, let me know and maybe I’ll make it into an IGTV video. I’ve been making a lot of these recently!

~ Artie

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