Why I Haven’t Self Isolated Yet.

Hey pals,

There has been a huge mix of information of who should and should not be isolating, and most countries have jumped to action a lot quicker than the U.K. though I know people are supposed to start isolation today and over the weekend, particularly the vulnerable and over 70’s. But here’s why I haven’t fully isolated myself yet.

This week and some of next, I’ve had some really important doctors appointments at hospital that I’ve already been waiting months for. One was a discussion about medication for Crohn’s that was overdue, the second was a chat with a colorectal surgeon to check how my surgery site was doing and this was also overdue, and Thursday I had an imaging appointment to finally get my right arm scanned with ultrasound to find the reason I’m always in pain. Then next week I might be seeing my IBD Consultant who I have never met, and then a dietician but this one I might be able to move to a phone appointment.

All of these have been in the works or postponed by bad communication within the department and all super important to my health. I’ll be starting a new medication soon at home for my Crohn’s now I’ve met with everyone and they’ve all agreed it’s the best next step. We have finally found out what’s happening with my arm, all I will discuss in due course as I am awaiting the official letter that explains everything, but what I can say is it is a genetic thing and rare… typical me. And hopefully the dietician can help me work with my dietary restrictions to start leading a healthier life with food.

My experience going to these appointments has been pretty different to the usual. Most of the elderly staff who do the carting around of medical files and weight and do your blood pressure were not there, the number of patients lingering had dropped drastically, everyone was on time, there is really a low risk of contamination. Luckily the antibac dispensers still had gel in them, whereas I’ve seen London hospital shave been ravaged. Even the hospital car parks are half empty when it’s normally so difficult to find a space.

Now I will say, before anyone gets to heated about me going outside, I have taken precautions. I’ve avoided people or contact for the most part, washed my hands or used hand sanitizer, I have avoided touching doors or buttons, and kept my timing outside to a minimum.

It’s near impossible for everyone to stay inside, but as long as you are doing what you can to avoid contamination or possibly spreading the virus, and staying isolated if you have a suspected case! We are doing what we can.

I hope you are all safe and well.

~ Artie


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