My Favourite Spooky Video Games

spooky halloween video games

Hey pals,

Are you looking for some games to play or let’s plays to watch? This is my list of video games I’ve either enjoyed playing or watching LP’s of and some links to gaming YouTuber Playlists to enjoy in the lead up to Halloween. I only watch a handful of gaming YouTubers so I’ll be recommending the same people, besides these guys I only watch sims YouTubers and that’s not really relevant here. This is a game rec blog! I’m a casual video game player, I don’t really play or watch games that would be too difficult to play, most of these will have the ability to change the setting to be suitable for novice players for those like me who just kinda wanna have a good time and disconnect from the world.


This is a new game that has come out, currently only accessible by PC on Steam as it is in the early release days. It’s basically virtual ghost hunting with a selection of maps to choose from, loads of equipment to use and a bunch of ghost types to identify. I think you play with friends, I’m sure you can play alone but i think it would make it very difficult to complete and I’m not sure if you can play with other people online. I’ve been watching a couple of LP’s of this game as I don’t have a PC but it looks like a game I’d really be into playing if I had any friends. This is also cool because it uses your voice as part of the game too, you can speak to the ghosts and they can hear you so when you’re being hunted, you need to keep quiet. It also works with VR.

Markiplier has a LP going on at the moment.

JackSepticEye also has an LP.

CallMeKevin has played this too but he’s more of a troll player so if you need some humour to break the tension, I recommend him!

Until Dawn

An interactive survival horror game based on the spoof concept of horror films with teenagers out in cabins in the woods/middle of nowhere. With a mixture of supernatural threats and human. A group of teen friends return to the cabin a year after two of their own disappeared and were never found.

Markiplier has one here. I enjoyed watching this at uni.


Kelly Kpopp is one of the few female YouTube gamers I’ve found and enjoyed, she doesn’t post so much now but here’s the Until Dawn LP.

Geek Remix are two queer women who make LPs and stream together. View their complete LP.

The Walking Dead Series

I’m sure you all know what this is about, even if you’ve only heard of the TV show, you know the gist. A story, choice based game in the zombie apocalypse. To begin we follow Lee as he tried to protect this little girl, Clem, he stumbles upon. Each of the games follow different people, two of the seasons follow Clementine and there is a Michonne spin off. Available on pretty much all platforms at this point, the game has now been completed. Available across numerous platforms.

JackSepticEye has a bunch I think he played all of them. I couldn’t find the playlist for season 1 but I’ve linked season 2.

Kelly Kpopp I’ve linked a massive playlist of her Walking Dead LP.

Hello Neighbour

Doesn’t look scary, but I swear to god I got jump scared so many times watching LP’s of this freaking game. When I was watching, it was under development, I’m not sure where it’s at now or what it looks like to play but it changed so many times through the LP’s I watched. It was creepy and seemed to have a lot of lore.



Finding Bigfoot

Basically a simulator for hunting a Bigfoot out in the woods. Fend off attacks and live through the night. Setting up traps and trying to find useful items for keeping alive. PlayStation and Steam.



This isn’t a horror game, it’s just kinda spooky and strange with really cool art. It’s a supernatural mystery graphic adventure game, another one heavily influenced by the tropes of teen coming-of-age films. A group of teenagers go to an island together after the death of the main character’s brother. Available on steam.



Geek Remix.

For some non-scary but still kind of Halloween related games, check out these:

CallMeKevin has played a lot of these games but as I said above, he is quite a trolly player so a great choice for getting to know the games without too much risk of horror.

GeekRemix have played a lot of supernatural queer dating sims like Monster Prom, Wicked Willow and PairANormal to name a few.

If you have any recommendations for other gaming YouTubers you think I might like, let me know! (Do not suggest pewdiepie pls…) I hope you enjoy watching or playing some of these games for Halloween season! Check out my Twitch here, I sometimes play video games!

~ Artie

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9 thoughts on “My Favourite Spooky Video Games

  1. I’ve been watching some of my favorite Youtubers absolutely lose their shit over Phasmophobia. Super happy to watch someone else play it now too!

  2. Great list! I love these graphics! I’ll check some of these out. Thanks for sharing.

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