My Favourite True Crime YouTubers

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Hey pals,

Struggling for something to watch? Love watching True Crime? Wondering where you should go to watch something new? I thought I would put together my current favourite True Crime YouTube content creators for anyone interested in getting into the topic, or people who love consuming True Crime but is running low on things to watch. I have listed 8 people/channels in no particular order that I enjoy. True Crime gets me through a work out on a regular basis and many of these people have hundreds of videos you can watch, you wont run out any time soon if you enjoy these people. All quite different from each other with a different vibes so hopefully everyone can find something to watch here.

photo of kelsey darragh a slim blonde white woman

Kelsey Darragh’s Confidently Insecure Podcast has a series called Hoes Throughout History often crime related and sometimes supernatural stuff. She has also done some episodes on BIPOC people who have been murdered and unjustly punished, particularly the case of Saraya Rees I believe she is still working with the family on this.

Stephanie Harlowe mainly conducts true crime videos with so much research done, often several, hour long episodes or more. Mostly modern day true crime, sometimes more historic crime. Takes it very seriously, has done some historic type videos for Halloween theme. Mostly seems to be working to push cases out there and help possibly reach people who could make connections and also asking hard questions about how some investigations are done.

My Friend Kenna, the creator of LVNDR zine, introduced me to Stephanie Harlowe’s videos and said, “I enjoy watching Stephanie Harlowe because I get the sense that she truly cares about the victims. None of her content feels rushed or just for the sake of having an upload. Her content is all fully researched with some individual crimes taking two or three videos to explore fully. The emphasis is always on the victim, which I think is really important.”

Bailey Sarian hosts Murder Mystery Make-up Mondays. Does make-up whilst talking about true crime cases, mostly modern but occasionally more historic cases. Presented with some humour, less serious compared to some other YouTubers but always being respectful. Bailey Sarian now has a podcast as well based around and called Dark History.

photo of danelle hallan a slim white lady with brown hair smiling

Danelle Hallan was my first experience of true crime on YouTube (except Buzzfeed Unsolved, but she is a bit more serious and less for entertainment) I really enjoy her videos, she takes this very seriously, has a lot of in-depth research done on these cases, often roughly half-hour long but can be several hours in several episodes. Mainly works on current cases or cold cases, trying to bring attention to them in hopes they will reach the right people and eventually get solved. Often goes on other True Crime youtube channels and podcasts.

Cydnee Black has started to do some videos where she does her make-up and talks about true crime or goes more in-depth on some historic events that have been skewed. They kind of cross over in her videos but lean more on history. She has spoken about some topics I haven’t seen discussed by many other people.

Kendall Rae mainly true crime youtube videos that are a bit shorter than the other people listed, tends to vary from 15-40 minutes. She has a podcast with her partner for longer deep dives into cases, I’ve not watched or listened to it yet but you can find it here. Sometimes talks about supernatural things around October for Halloween. She also regularly sets up fundraisers on her channel.

Loey Lane mostly does conspiracy theories and supernatural but occasionally delves into more True Crime videos. She mainly does a lot of spooky tiktok analysis type videos, which I enjoy because I’m then not watching these freaky videos alone! Another Make-up/beauty YouTuber turned supernatural and true crime. Loey Lane now also has a short form podcast with Eleanor/Snitchery where they discuss Internet Urban Legends, some based on more truth than others.

left to right, shane a very tall white man smiling at ryan an asian man of average height talking
buzzfeed unsolved

Buzzfeed Unsolved obviously, I mainly like watching Shane and Ryan, I don’t think they work with Buzzfeed as often. They are bringing out another true crime series on the channel for the spooky season though. They may be starting their own version on their new channel Watcher. Some of the Buzzfeed shorter videos with voiceover and images are interesting, but I prefer the more in-depth videos. Speaking of Watcher, they have a Puppet History series going if that’s of interest to you which can cross over with true crime.

I thought I would add a quick list of true crime documentaries you can watch on Netflix: Unsolved Mysteries, Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story, Abducted in Plain Sight, The Keepers, Captive, Long Shot, Remastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke, Making a Murderer, The Innocent Man, Time: The Kalief Browder Story, Athlete A, Dirty Money, Surviving R. Kelly, November 13: Attack on Paris, Strong Island. There are many more, but I’ve listed the ones I feel like I would like to watch and learn more about.

More can be found here and here.

I’d love to expand who I watch so please leave your favourites and recommendations in the comments! Tell me why you like them so much! I also enjoy Supernatural videos and Conspiracy theories so link some of those below too! Should I make a post about the channels doing conspiracy theories and supernatural videos? Let me know!

~ Artie


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4 thoughts on “My Favourite True Crime YouTubers

  1. Very cool post! I love Stephanie Harlowe, Kendall Rae and Danelle Hallan. Just started watching Cydnee Black recently. I also like Linda at “It’s a Crime” and “Crime Talk” with Scott Reisch.

    Great list! Thanks for sharing.

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