Trans & Nonbinary Music Artist Recommendations

Hey pals,

I’m enjoying compiling lists of music, games, podcasts, youtubers, books, etc. with different themes, and this was one I wanted to share. Some of the people included are well known, some are less well known. I looked at some other lists, and most of them included the same five people or were all genres I don’t really listen to myself even though I have a broad and eclectic music taste. The terms trans and nonbinary are here to include everyone under these label umbrellas, they may have more specific labels, they may not. I will try to make sure I find and use correct pronouns for everyone but can’t promise all will be accurate as it can be difficult to find, especially in those who have only mentioned their gender once or twice publicly. If there are any corrections, please leave a comment with your source and I will change it!

I actually decided to write this before I realised it was Trans Visibility Week so, funny timing!

These are all artists I have listened to and enjoyed at least one song of theirs, and many of then have not been included in any lists I searched so I hope to give you all some new musicians to listen to! Here are the musicians I recommend!

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Zand is a new favourite of mine. At first, I wasn’t sure I was vibing with their music but their more recent release Religion was honestly sick, and I listened back to other songs. Most of them give me a bit of a Marina and The Diamonds Electra Heart era sound with some dark, electric edge and wild vocals. They coined the term ‘ugly pop’ which really describes this sound, actually. Freak is probably my personal favourite track of theirs, as the lyrics hit a little too on the nose for me.

Gerard Way

Bit of an icon, Gerard has said minimal things about being nonbinary including nothing about pronouns as far as I have found. A lesser known nonbinary icon from my youth, I couldn’t not include him. Whilst I don’t listen to My Chemical Romance much anymore, I do enjoy the odd song from his solo career and I am one of the sad bastards to have a hold of MCR reunion tickets. I really enjoy the song Maya the Psychic.

Raven van Dorst (Elle Bandita/Dool)

Recommended to me by my friend Anniek, Raven was also making music under the name Elle Bandita, but also fronts the band Dool. Also a judge on Drag Race Holland. I personally really enjoy the song Ubersex.


I won’t lie, I’ve only listened to one song but I find it a mixture of hilarious and iconic. I personally love God Save The Queen, since Sid Vicious is a conservative Trump supporter now, this ‘God save the queen’ is a good replacement.

Sam Smith

Quite an obvious one here, but I enjoy their music and I enjoy listening to their interviews. They have such a beautiful and skilled singing voice, you have to admire the skill and talent. I mainly know their earlier albums from how popular they were (and still arm, Like I Can is still used on tiktok every few months for a trend lol) Kids Again is especially lovely to listen to. Pop Royalty tbh.

King Princess

I haven’t listened to much King Princess but the song 1950 was definitely on a few playlists the other year. But I do recognise Holy, I think I must have randomly listened to them a bunch a couple of years back.

Ryan Cassata

I’ve been watching and keeping up with Ryan Cassata for many years. I think he was one of the first trans YouTubers I watched along with Luke Wale. He has a bunch of songs about addiction and sobriety that I think have great lyrics, but also some great songs about gender and the binary such as: Daughter and Gender Binary (Fuck You). But I also enjoy the song Witches Made Me Do It.

Keiynan Lonsdale

I’ve only really been aware of Keiynan since tree were in Love, Simon. I’ve watched tree role in The Flash TV show, which could have been better but that was a showrunner problem and a writer problem not tree. I will always love tree song Kiss The Boy, but Gay Street Fighter is cool too.

Amandla Stenberg

From baby Ru to this beautiful actor/musician, stop reminding me time moves thanks. Can you believe its been nearly 10 years since the first Hunger Games film came out? Yikes, no more. Amandla has a beautiful singing voice, and has sung tracks for numerous films they have been involved in, including The H8 U Give, Everything Everything, and upcoming (?? idk I don’t care about this film) Dear, Evan Hansen.


I’ve been enjoying Ashnikko’s music for a little while, specifically the outright queer experiences in some of their songs. Tantrum is a favourite of mine, as well as Slumber Party (featuring another person on this list, Princess Nokia) There is also an Avril Lavigne cover called L8r Boi which… wow. I died when I first listened to this.


I really enjoy Wish You Were Gay. Claud’s music is more of a soft indie vibe which I enjoy when writing, editing, or reading. Sometimes I like it for the VIBES. I am currently adding more of their songs to my playlists.

Princess Nokia

I wasn’t sure if I should include Princess Nokia, as no gender words are used in any articles I found, only ‘gender non-conforming’ artist and she/they pronouns. Their album Everything Is Beautiful had some 70s soul and disco inspired sounds, listening to it feels warm. Then there’s Everything Sucks… very different. Moments remind me of Chynna who was rap goth, Harley Quinn specifically makes me think of this.

Against Me! lead Laura Jane Grace

The Icon the Legend… Such an iconic and vintage rock. Her vocals are peak rock vocals. Radicalise yourself and listen to some of their songs! I was a Teenage Anarchist, Baby I’m an Anarchist, White People For Peace, True Trans Soul Rebel, The Politics Of Starving, Transgender Dysphoria Blues... so many.

Antony and The Johnsons lead singer Anohni

This may have actually been my first band featuring a trans musician I was every exposed to. I remember being 16 at an away from home drama course in London and my new friend showing me their music. I don’t listen to them much myself anymore, but they deserve a mention here. Check out: For Today I Am A Boy, Fistful Of Love and Bird Guhl.


I hope you enjoy this list, it is a bit of a mash-up of genres as I am not a one genre person I like a bit of everything. If you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments! I may do more music recommendations if they are popular. Check out my other social media profiles, my YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook, Twitch, TikTok, and Twitter. Follow the Blog if you want to see more! If you have a guest post or collab idea, send me a message through my contact from but please read all the info on that page first! Consider tipping me on Kofi.

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Have A Good Trans Visibility Week~

~ Artie


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