New Releases That Remind Me Of Early Y2K Emo

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Hey pals!

We thought that 2020 was going to be the Emo Renaissance with almost all our favourite bands are coming together for epic world tours or releasing new music, there has definitely been some new music produced by other genres that gave me the old emo feels. So, as a tribute to my MCR ticket that is not going to be used this year, here are some emo hits from pop musicians.

Fingers – lil peep

Sounds like Simple Plan / Good Charlotte mix.

Nightmare – Halsey 

Has an early Paramore feel with a bit of 90’s Grunge.

You’ll Be Fine – Palaye Royal

Sounds like it was inspired by Mama by My Chemical Romance and have a theatrical look like MCR, Fearless Vampire Killers, and old school Panic! (Recommended by Ash)

Sucks to be You – Emma Blackery

Another Suggestion from Ash! This one definitely has some Paramore vibes crossed with Bowling For Soup lyrics.

STFU! – Rina Sawayama

Korn bass like moods. Numetal energy. This song also gives me P!nk energy from the early 2000s, and a lot of Rina’s other songs give me heavy Y2K pop music feels. My friend Tiffany helped me figure out the vibes of this one! Check out her shop. I mentioned her a while back in my Christmas gift guide.

Brutal – Olivia Rodrigo

Misery Business vibes! Being pointed out constantly on tiktok so can’t ignore this.

Kid Brunswick – Prescription Kid

Kid Brunswick has a similar sound to Machine Gun Kelly and YungBlud (but so far less problematic…) who both have been taking inspiration from 2000s emo music in their recent tracks. Kid Brunswick is also my personal current favourite artist to listen to.

Hayloft – Mother Mother

The beginning of this song reminds me of an old Punk Goes Pop cover song, which has been giving me an annoying brain itch for ages as I couldn’t remember which it was BUT I HAVE FOUND IT. This reminds me of the cover done by Alesana of What Goes Around all the way back in the second Punk Goes Pop album. And it is a cover of Justin Timberlake!

Halsey’s New Album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power

As said from Halsey herself, this album has a lot of Nine Inch Nails undertones and inspirations. Not in every song, and not the whole way through some songs, but I can definitely feel it.

Haunted – Laura Les

This song reminds me of the Crystal Castles discography. I was obsessed with Crystal Castles and Hadouken! during a short period on my later teens, but there was also a big techno-based emo music era for scene kids and emo ravers before this as well, I remember listening to other smaller myspace bands around 2008.

Emo music seems to be coming back and I am absolutely ready for it.

I worked with Ash on a post about political Alternative songs because it seems lots of Alt Rock fans don’t think it is or should be political… blows my mind but I found a load of new songs that are pretty awesome during this Hell Fire of 2020, some of these artists made the list. Check it out here.

I hope you enjoy these songs, I have loads of playlists on spotify including a nice throw back to music I used to listen to, so if you wanna listen you can find that here!

This is an article about Black Alternative bands/musicians you should check out too by Distorted Sound Magazine.

I’m so sad I won’t be seeing MCR this year, I’m just hoping we all do what needs to be done to keep people as safe as possible so we can get back out there and carry on but we really need to be mindful of how our actions can affect others. Please stay inside! I have a post about how I’ve been keeping busy you can check out too for inspiration!

Spotify finally updated their system that allows you to change your display name! Yay trans rights lmao, so give my Spotify a follow !

~ Artie



6 thoughts on “New Releases That Remind Me Of Early Y2K Emo

  1. Honestly same I still listen to a lot of the same music just not all the time lol yeah I’d rather we were all safe and could kick this thing in the butt 🙂

  2. I actually haven’t heard of these. I got to check them out now though!

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