Introducing: Women in Suits! (for the gays)

Hey pals,

Since I made the post to appreciate men in dresses last year, I wanted to make one dedicated to women in suits! Clearly I had more to work with (too much, one could say) because it is more acceptable and trendy for women to wear suits vs. men wearing dresses or skirts. But it did give me more of an ability to be inclusive of race, size and disability. Though, I wish it was more inclusive, there were just so many people I couldn’t keep my head straight. Know someone I’ve missed and you think should get honorable mention? Leave a comment!

On to my list!

Gillian Anderson recently posed for some amazing photos in a suit, post Sex Education, and doing the research for this post I found it wasn’t the first time she’s worn and posed in a suit. I think she spend a large portion of her career in a suit as she starred in the X-Files for quite some time.

Zendaya has been a big hit with wearing suits in the last few years, really riling up the lesbians. Do queer people low-key wish she were gay? Yes.

Ashley Benson! I’ve loved her since PLL but now wifed up with Cara Delevingne (who I did not include in this post coz she is nonbinary and I just had so many women I wanted to include!) I stan Ashley in a suit. EDIT: they broke up and for some reason Ashley is now dating G-eazy who clearly has a type (queer women called ashley) I will not be making any further comment

Hailee Steinfeld has been making a sneaky impact wearing suits, I didn’t know until I stumbled upon the pictures!

Missy Elliott was suggested to me for the music video (honestly iconic, look at those bubblegum pink suits!) but I also stumbled upon this… odd purple one she wore too. Most of what I got when I Google searched ‘Missy Elliott suits’ were tracksuits so it wasn’t super easy to find!

Our queen! Selma Blair sporting her cane and a bald head! We stan. I wish I had found more disabled women in suits but I guess that’ll be for another time.

Kehlani was another surprise but not really, most queer women will wear a suit at some point, I just had never seen her do it!

Awkwafina was a last minute add as I realised I’d not had a single Asian woman on my list! I’d made this list a while ago and forgotten about it and really I had an itch in my soul telling me that Awkwafina probably wore at least one suit! I was right… she has wore many.

Jameela Jamil was another last minute add for the same reason as Awkwafina. I wanted to try and be as diverse as possible but the only suggestions I had for the most part were skinny white women. Jameela really has sported many suits and some quite beautiful and iconic but sadly I can’t include them all… I have so many people on this list! I recommend you have a look though, there were many and some very intricate designs. 

Of course, I included Halsey. My bi icon of music. Sadly, not as many suits as I was hoping for. Someone @ Halsey and link this and tell her I wanna see more crazy and amazing suits and to hit up any of the women I have listed if she needs to borrow some or contacts with designers or stylists!! lmao

Jenny Lewis was one suggested to me, I don’t know who she is or listen to her band but her suits were so iconic when I Googled her that she needed to be included to be quite frank.

Obviously Lizzo was going to be included, look at these beautiful suits! And she performs in one?? Jesus, her shows are so energetic anyway, I can’t imagine doing that full stop, let alone in a suit!

This is the woman who inspired this post, one of the stars of Elite (Netflix Original show) There’s an episode in the show where she has a reverse party where women have to come dressed in suits looking dapper and men have to come in ‘slutty’ revealing outfits and it was a good time. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I’d love to hear about more women in amazing suits, particularly if they’re not white and skinny! I might make a post specifically for nonbinary people embracing gender blended styles or outfits because androgyny isn’t what we are made to think it is. If anything, androgyny is often narrated to us as skinny white women in ‘men’s’ wear which is a very heteronormative way of seeing things. I’d like to make a post showing all the different ways you can be androgynous as a nonbinary person so if you know of anyone you think I should include, leave a comment below!

~ Artie

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7 thoughts on “Introducing: Women in Suits! (for the gays)

  1. Great post. I am definitely checking out the men’s post. For this ai am sure my girl will love these awesome ideas. Thanks for a superb post. Loved it.

  2. yesss! I tried my best to showcase cool women and some diversity coz I’m bored of only the skinny white able bodied women getting all the glory.

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