Books I’m Most Excited About on My TBR 2020

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Hey pals,

I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of books I own, the books I want to read that I don’t own, and all the other books in the world I don’t know about yet. This makes it hard to focus on actually reading, ridiculous really. So I wanted to talk through the books I currently own, both physical and digital, that I am most excited about reading in no particular order.

The Physical List

Practical Magic: I’ve never really read Adult Romance and I love this film so much, I want to see what wasn’t included in the film and see if I like Romance writing. Also I love magic and witches. I talked about this book in this post.

The Devil Wears Prada: Truly just another throwback book during the period I was a child who could not read. I’m using books to travel the world and relive a period of time where I had no idea this is where I would be in 2020. I talked about this book a bit in my recent video here.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief: After a bad spout of 2000s YA (you can see all about that here) I’m really excited to read Percy Jackson, to get out of the contemporary realm for a start, but also to enjoy a group of characters who are all Neuro-Diverse with Dyslexia and ADHD/ADD where most books that came out at that time were mostly just ableist. I am still missing book three but I will hold off picking it up until I actually get to give book 1 a read and see if I really like it or not (though I am very hopeful) I plan on filming a Percy Jackson Reading Vlog so let me know if you’d want to watch!

Gossip Girl Series: I read the first book not long ago because I picked it up in a second hand shop, I enjoyed it so much I picked up the next SEVEN books in the series. All second hand, but through Amazon because I had a birthday voucher to use up. I talk a bit more about book one in this recent video ! I definitely plan to film a Gossip Girl Reading Vlog so subscribe to my youtube channel if that’s something you want to check out.

The Digital List

Wishful Drinking: This was a random addition I bought for 99p on Amazon for kindle. This happens semi-regularly that a book I’ve had on my wishlist is discounted so much I find it hard to say no. I read Postcards From the Edge a few years ago, I picked up a copy in a charity shop obviously, and really enjoyed it. I’ve read that this is actually a memoir and even though I was never really a fan of Carrie’s until she died, but I know she is a very interesting lady and can’t wait to learn more about her.

Talking as Fast as I Can: The memoir of Lauren Graham, Loreli of Gilmore Girls. A book of personal essays through her life, supposed to be comedic, and also lots of behind the scenes of Gilmore Girls (which is one of my favourite shows as I discuss in this post!!) I haven’t seen Lauren in other roles and I’m not sure I could actually ever see her in one because I truly fell in love with Loreli.

Big Little Lies: “A murder…A tragic accident…Or just parents behaving badly? What’s indisputable is that someone is dead.” We know I have a weird thing about reading the book after I watch the show or film (very clear from this list ALONE) but Wanting to get into some mystery and thriller novels, it seems like a good idea to read the book with a plot I already know the basic premise of so I can understand the books better whilst I practice this new reading muscle! I talked about this book a little in this video!

Human Enough: A YA Fantasy about a young queer autistic vampire hunter who has a vampire boyfriend… I talked about this in a video too!

Crazy Rich Asians: Another recent purchase that was a one off 99p on Amazon! I watched the film once on a flight to America in January 2019 and A few Booktubers I watch said how amazing the books were, I put the first one on my wishlist and grabbed it when I saw it so cheap. I am weak willed. I have been finding books written by and about POC really refreshing, could I sound any more white? Probably not. But the last few years I have been noticing how stale Western media is and slowly been picking up work by POC that has a lot of strong influences of different cultures and find myself having a more immersive reading experience so I am hopeful I will feel the same about this book.

Want: This is a Sci-Fi book where the elite use their wealth to buy clean air and longer lives, “the rich wear special suits that protect them from the pollution and viruses that plague the city, while those without suffer illness and early deaths.” Zhou has had enough after his mother died because of this system and wants to dismantle it. Things get sticky basically, and it feels very relevant to right now. One of my friends has read this and says it’s amazing and was the reason I added it to my wishlist! I also picked this up for 99p.

Ugly Shy Girl: This is a poetry book I grabbed on pretty cheap because I wanted to have and read some more poetry. It’s a pretty short book which always benefits me, “This is twisted tale is about the struggle of growing up in a place where you don’t belong, surrounded by people you hate …and how delicious getting your own back can be.”

If you want to buy any of these books, check out this link, I’ll be adding lists as I go. This includes an affiliate link.

I’ve also seen that it is possible to lend out kindle ebooks to other people, which I am pleased about! I want to see what I can do and maybe lend out some of my ebooks to people, like to my mum for example, who I think may enjoy some of the books I have purchased. I watched Big Little Lies with my mum, so she may enjoy that. I’ve been gifting books to friends as well for birthdays and christmas, a mixture of one I bought second hand or already had and didn’t think I would keep for myself. If you have any friends who enjoy reading, please consider checking out independent bookshops or using (who support indie bookshops) instead of Amazon, as a lot of shops are hanging on by a thread and would really benefit from the support of Christmas shopping.

~ Artie

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