Support the Creator

Hey pals,

So we all know I do this for free and I am mostly unable to work (and definitely cannot work a 9-5 job) so I’m creating this page with details of how you can support me!

I want to open up my experience having completed my bachelors degree in Creative and Professional Writing by assisting other writers or students. I will be willing to give general writing coaching advice, proofread your work, giving comments/critique on draft pieces, etc. Check out my Portfolio section for more of my written work and editing work.

This is open to anyone, student, novice writer, or anyone who wants an extra pair of eyes on their work.

I’d also like to offer myself to freelance sensitivity reading for: disability, chronic illness, LGBT+ rep (I am personally bisexual and nonbinary but have also lived my life as a bi woman, but I am also open to helping outside these), mental health (I have much experience with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, BPD, and variations of psychosis). I am going for diagnosis of Autism and ADHD, I have dyslexia. I can also give advice on the reality of working as an actor, writer, going to university, etc.


Contact me at:

let me know the subject, genre, word count, page count, and what you are specifically looking for feedback on. We can discuss cost but I work on £35-£40 per 1000-1500 words for articles and short stories. I can provide an invoice. Larger pieces I am happy to discuss cost.

Payment through Paypal or bank transfer.

“I went from not being able to read at 10 years old to now having a degree in Creative Writing.”

I’m also open to offering dyslexia support across subjects. I grew up struggling with it and only got as far as I have thanks for having a very supportive mother who did whatever she could for me. I went from not being able to read at 10 years old to now having a degree in Creative Writing. This is for children, parents or family of dyslexic children, and dyslexic adults as I have seen a generational issue where many adults still struggle and it prevents them from getting work. I want this to be as affordable as possible, so I am open to discussing cost based on how often you need support and what kinds!

All available virtually. I can set up zoom calls or chats for sessions, or work through email.

Word documents or Google docs.

I am open to public speaking, workshops and group talks. I did my first paid talk with The Clare Project in September 2021 via Zoom on the topic of being Trans and Dating. I am open to booking more speaking roles or workshops via Zoom right now. I am open to talks and workshops on any of the above stated categories and themes. I am open to discussing budget and rates so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can also buy my art work. Currently I have Blackout Poetry available, film poetry, some paintings and cards available to purchase on my Kofi or Depop. I also have a RedBubble shop. 

I also have a Ko-fi you can make one off donations through if you’d just like to give me a hand! There is also a membership scheme that has just started, you can subscribe and donate £1 every month for extra content or the book club tier where you get access to my brutally honest opinions on books I’m reading. it’s a bit like patreon.

~ Artie