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Salty Top Editor | Pieces I’ve edited:

Dear JKR, I am GNC and Autistic but I am not Confused

Dear Sadness, You’re Welcome Here but Your Rent Is Due 

My Hypochondria Was In Control of My Sex Life 

I’m So Tired of Telling People I’m Bipolar 

My Work:

Tips for Disabled Writers (Guest post on Laura’s Books and Blogs)

6 Ways To Practice Self-Love… (Guest Post on thequeensights)

Disabled in Quarantine (Guest Post/interview on the Pink Lemon)

How To Cope With Chronic Illness Induced Nightmares on The Reluctant Spoonie

Chronic Illness and Lockdown (Interview on )

I regularly work on posts with my Friend Ash from This Dreams Alive and Prickly Pineapples. Politics Rocks Songs You Need To Listen To.

Live Performances (playlist)

LVNDR Sapphic Zine I contribute every month, mostly art pieces occasionally some short form book recommendations.

Passionfruit Zine 

Trans & Disabled Zine

Square One Anthology 

Memories of Halloweens Past


University Model

I_weigh Movement Article Feature 

Society Award: LGBT+ Most Improved Society

YouTube Videos and Projects I’m In

Nonbinary modelling for Libertipix

My Chronic Illness Playlist in Moon Child Magazine