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My Writing Work:

Re-Growing the LGBTQ+ Community with Disabled people in Mind (to be published) on Conscious Being Magazine

My First Year With Crohn’s on Parlour Talk

Live Performances (playlist)

Passionfruit Zine 

Trans & Disabled Zine

Square One Anthology 

Writing Tips for Disabled Writers on Laura’s Books And Blogs

Online Collaborations

Hysterical Women: Vasculitis, My Doctor Didn’t Believe Me

6 Ways of Practicing Self Love guest post on TheQueenSights

Collaboration: 23 Political Rock Songs with This Dreams Alive

Collaborative Piece on Crohn’s with Prickly Pineapples (We also created this post on my blog)

LGBTQ+ YA Books Interview for Penguin

Balancing Book Blogging with The Quiet Pond

An Interview on A Pink Lemon about being Disabled During The Pandemic

TikTok Witches on Trump by Bethan Kapur on Mel Magazine

MarsyBun’s Getting Out Of The Book Reading Funk

Featured on Sickly Intersectional IG

Featured on Wishbone Words IG

A Featured Creator on The Reluctant Spoonie’s Instagram

Input on Chronic Illness Induced Nightmares for The Reluctant Spoonie

Gig Accessibility Collab with Invincible Woman On Wheels

Disabled, Chronically Ill and Neurodivergent Book recommendations collab

Mental illness and Mental health book recommendations collab

Non-fiction LGBTQ+ books recommendations collab

Trans and Nonbinary writers recommendations collab

My Editing Work For Salty World

Dear J.K. Rowling, I am GNC and Autistic

Dear Sadness, You’re Welcome Here but Your Rent Is Due

I’m So Tired of Telling People I’m Bipolar 

Playing Dress Up: From TomBoy to High Femme 

How Hormone Fuckery Hijacked my Life 

I Am Taking Control of My Own Consent  

My Hypochondria was in control of My Sex Life 

Dear Khloe K, OCD is Not A Cleaning Disorder

I Write Gory YA Fantasy to Understand My Queerness, My Anger and My Autism


Disability After Dark Guest Podcast Interview Ep.

Art work and other pieces regularly published in LVNDR Zine

Scene Magazine interview: Brighton LGBTQ+ small Creators

University Model

I_weigh Movement Article Feature 

Society Award: LGBT+ Most Improved Society

YouTube Videos and Projects I’m In

Music Video: Sorry Out Of Gender as an extra

 Nonbinary modelling for Libertipix

My Chronic Illness Playlist in Moon Child Magazine