Find Me Elsewhere!

If you are interested in following me elsewhere, here’s a list for you.

Twitter: this is where I yell into the void but also where I ask my followers what kind of content they would like to read or watch on my channel, also where I ask people for input I can include.

YouTube: My other main content platform besides my blog. I post once a week and tend to focus on themes of LGBT+, Disability/chronic illness, and books. So if you’re more of a video watcher, head over there.

FaceBook: A handy platform I have to keep people who don’t use things like twitter or instagram in the loop with my content. Please think about leaving a review here!

Instagram: I post the most here after twitter, I post updates of my content and do ask my following in my stories what they would like to see or think of things, but I like to post think pieces so to speak along with some book reviews on occasion. I post IGTV videos there semi regularly and starting to dabble with reels!

TikTok: my fast growing social platform where I make a lot of jokes about disability, politics, being LGBTQ+, therapy, but also sometimes more serious posts too. You can pay me for a paid pinned comment but there is currently no guaruntee for minimum view count.

Ko-Fi: A new platform I have set up, I try to post everything there but it’s new so it’s still pretty sparse and this is where you can follow and make one off donations to support me and my creative endeavours. I also have a shop here for my art!

RedBubble Shop

Twitch: I sometimes hop on stream to play video games. Feel free to give me a follow over there. I mainly play things like Sims 4, Beyond Two Souls, LiS games, and Detroit: Become Human at the moment. I want to expand the games I can play on stream so give me suggestions I have PS4 and an iMac.I also do reading live streams, and plan to do art live streams and stuff too so come along.

Art Instagram: My instagram for arts and crafts and nothing else. Go there if you like seeing a mixture of arts projects. I’ve even uploaded old youtube crafts videos there.

Spam Instagram

My Dog’s Instagram: Layla has her own instagram just for a fun place to post nothing but dog pictures and videos so if that’s something you enjoy, please check it out! We are open to sponsors and paid ads.

Pinterest: I don’t really know how to use this but here it is if you want to follow.