Elliot Page: Our Trans Icon

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This week Elliot Page came out as trans and uses he/they pronouns. This was very exciting for me, as a trans nonbinary fan of theirs since... God, Juno? I've watched them create many exciting characters on screen for many years. I was a budding actor myself (and half still am) and I always felt drawn to Elliot's work and characters. Through the years, he has come out as queer (or, sadly outed like a lot of queer stars in Hollywood) and turned to a queerer direction of character portrayals. His characters were never mainstream, but seeing them change from straight/cis to queer and somewhat fluid of gender representation, gave me hope for the continuing change in Hollywood to start allowing more LGBTQ+ actors to, not only play queer roles, but any roles and be successful.

5 Main Tips for Being a Better Trans Ally

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November is Trans Visibility month, and this week is specifically Trans Visibility and Awareness week with Trans Day of Remembrance landing next Friday (20th). We still have a long way to go with Trans Rights in the UK, but also globally. being a trans person of multiple marginalised identities is even more scary, isolating and dangerous. Many trans people are also mentally ill, neuro-diverse, disabled, chronically ill, Black, Indigenous, a person of colour, or queer in some form as well, or any combo of these things all at once. If you are new here, I am Artie, I am a nonbinary trans person with multiple disabilities and chronic illnesses, neuro-diverse, mentally ill and queer.