5 Characters That Make Me

Hey pals,

This went around on Twitter recently (it was actually 4 characters, but I couldn’t narrow it down any further!) and I decided that these 5 characters, if you smushed them together and squinted a little, would make me. I didn’t get to explain this at all on Twitter, so I thought I’d do so here!


A big part of the factor is appearance. All dark short haired people who’re kinda androgynous. I’ll go through, character by character from here because it really does come down to their personalities and interests that makes me go ‘oh me’.

  1. Klaus (number 4): Umbrella Academy. Sassy, queer, wears some funky outfit choices… Honestly an icon and I like to think of myself that way. I used to smoke as much as he does in the show so I still heavily relate.
  2. Susanna Kaysen: Girl, Interrupted. One of several self-obsessed writers (which is my whole ass personality) who have made my list. She has BPD too, which… big mood. Though she is more on the IMG_5308quiet side, I find a lot of myself in her qualities, particularly her obsession with getting Lisa to like her and then realising how awful Lisa was for her and having the guts to return to therapy (or, inpatient for her…) But she shows you can regain control after a BPD diagnosis and I feel like I’ve shown this too.
  3. Jughead Jones: Riverdale. The other obnoxious and narcissistic writer, who is super moody and an edgelord. I mean, me too. I think one of the main IMG_5304links between these characters is their sense of humour, they’re all very witty and have really fast responses. Jughead is definitely on the more deadpan / morose side of my humour. Also wearing hats in winter. I desperately upset there aren’t any cafes of diners near me that look like the one in Riverdale because you would definitely find me there on my laptop as well.
  4. Haruhi Fujioka: OHSHC. I wish I was smart enough for a scholarship to a really expensive school, but Haruhi is kinda fluid and actually IMG_5305enjoys presenting as male and confusing people but doesn’t identify AS A MAN. SAME. Also, they call themselves dude and such and makes all the pretty boys uncomfortable. But also seduced them by accident (which is very not me, but I effing wish.)
  5. Viola (particularly as Sebastian): She’s The Man. Again, some gender weirdness. Obviously, Viola doesn’t identify as a man or genderqueer BUT I high-key am obsessed with her trying to pull of being a dude. Also, entirely hilarious, I think I developed my IMG_5306facial expressions based off this movie alone.

As an overall, they generally encompass my choice of clothing (Except maybe Viola… very early 2000s yuck) all have similar length dark hair, and are sarcastic as all fuck. That’s all you really need to know.

(Oh also, my birthday is in a week !! show me some love with a donation?)

~ Artie

2 thoughts on “5 Characters That Make Me

  1. Haha yeah I feel like there’s a thin line between my choice of klaus or vanya but I’m deffo more sarcastic and performative like he is lmao!

    I haven’t watched/read those but I do know of Rosa it’s hard not to lol 😂

  2. I love Susana and Klaus, I relate to Klaus a lot but I definitely have more in common with Vanya.

    I get compared to/and feel like (ironically I also have a blog post about it) Diane from Bojack because I’m also a writer/journalist and I get really passionate about the topics she does while also falling into the bad patches she finds herself in, Rosa from Brooklyn 99 for more aesthetic reasons and also because I’m more likely to end up in a fight than my boyfriend is (and being bi), and I related too hard to Ava from Turtles All the Way Down with the hypochondria/health anxiety thing

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